Difference between goldfish Koi

Do you know the difference between goldfish Koi?

Do you know the difference between goldfish Koi. Both species descended from the rivers in China, although Koi were adopted by the Japanese, where they were first bred for their coloration and kept in ponds. We often see Koi sold at the pet shops. Sometimes they’re in the goldfish section, although most pet shops have them in a large tank in the pond section, as well they should be. Koi fish must be kept in a pond, and not just any pond, but a very large one. Goldfish and Koi both continue growing throughout their entire lives, and even though it’s a struggle to keep goldfish in a comfortably sized fish house over the years, keeping Koi is a challenge that most of us can’t live up to

Koi goldfish related?

Goldfish average one inch of growth per year, but Koi average three inches of growth per year. If a goldfish is kept in a healthy environment, it can easily outlive your cat or dog. The average lifespan is 13 yrs. A Koi has almost twice the lifespan of a goldfish, so imagine how large it can grow; up to three foot in length

This large growth rate and their cat like whiskers is the only real difference between a goldfish and a Koi. Both are from the carp family, and both prefer the same water conditions, requiring the same care

It’s too bad, but most pet shops do not post information about Koi, and most pet shops are selling very young fish, two to three inches long. Most people have no idea that Koi will quickly outgrow their aquarium or small pond

How big Koi get?

Koi are famous for their brilliant coloration and patterns. Carp are also famous for their brilliant colors

Although some goldfish types are more valuable than other, and some goldfish are worth a great deal of money, the Koi by far exceeds their value, sometimes being sold for thousands of dollars. The Koi industry is a big one, and even though it’s a different one than the goldfish industry, it’s plagued by the same problems; lack of information on the needs of the fish

The man in the photo below is calling the fish in the photo below a Koi, but it’s just a colorful carp, however; a great example of the size Koi grow to

difference between goldfish koi

Koi require the same stocking level as goldfish; minimum of 2.5 gallons of water per inch of fish body

The biggest mistake people make is overstocking a small pond with a few dozen small Koi. The pond will be overcrowded in no time at all, and the fish will be at risk. If you’re going to keep Koi, think big

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