10 Deadly Goldfish Myths

///10 Deadly Goldfish Myths

10 Deadly Goldfish Myths

10 deadly goldfish myths that may surprise you

10 deadly goldfish myths that may surprise you. The very things you think are right to do for goldfish could be the very thing that kills them. Read below, and then follow up by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping. The goldfish you’re keeping in a bowl deserves much more

1. Goldfish cannot survive in a standard goldfish bowl, however, a container that has a large surface area and moving water is an appropriate fish house. A container space too small for the size of the fish will not support enough oxygen for a proper length of time. The smaller the body of water, the greater the risk of the fish being poisoned by the toxins created in the nitrogen cycle. Goldfish need space, room to swim and room to grow

How big do goldfish get

Recommended stocking level 2.5 gallons of water per inch of goldfish body

2. Cleaning the entire bowl of water does not a healthy and safe environment make. To keep goldfish safe from ammonia; a toxin created from waste they produce, it would be necessary to exchange all of the water three times daily. The only safe environment is a cycled one

Tap water is recommended for use in goldfish houses, however, it’s treated with cleansing agents by our city that destroys bacteria. These chemical poison fish, and friendly bacteria, keeping the cycle from forming

3. Goldfish Flakes or pellets are only part of a healthy diet. Do not sprinkle on the water surface. Food should be moistened, and spread through the body of water to prevent gorging

 Feeding goldfish

4. Goldfish should be fed less more often several smaller meals throughout the day. Having no stomach to speak of they digest their food within a few short hours. Not only does practice keep the fish satisfied, but it helps keep a consistent supply of carbon dioxide in the intestines. This gass keeps the swim bladder organ functioning. The swim bladder organ gives fish the ability to sink or rise at will. Feeding only once or twice daily make cause constipation, and a very bored goldfish

No food in the tract means no waste which leads to a fish with a sinking disorder

5. Air pumps are pretty to look at, however, bubble wands or bubblers as some of us call them, do not oxygenate water. These units only push air through the water. In order for water to be oxygenated, the body must be clear, the carbonate mineral level healthy and the surface must be moving and exposed to fresh  air. By method of diffusion the oxygen is pulled from the air into the water as it’s in motion

Tap water is also commonly saturated with concentrated amounts of oxygen. These are the tiny bubbles that take up space in water, and cause serious health issues with goldfish as they enter the blood stream

How long goldfish live

6. Goldfish do not have short life spans, however, they can easily outlive our dogs and cats if kept in a healthy environment. Many people believe that goldfish live only a few months because they die within this length of time after purchase due to improper care

7. Goldfish do not grow to be only a few inches long. They continue growing until they die, and because of their long lifespan, they can get up to and over a foot long if kept in a healthy environment

8. Withholding food will not cure constipation. Constipation is caused by feeding too much at one time, causing the fish to gorge. Offering a varied diet rich in roughage will prevent constipation, but if a fish becomes impacted, treatment is recommended

10 deadly goldfish myths

9. Goldfish are not happy when kept alone. In the wild they swim in schools; safety in numbers. Being alone increases their stress, and just like other animals they feel lonely. Goldfish are the most sociable types of fish, and need companionship

10. Goldfish do feel pain and fear. You may see them race through the water when frightened. You may see them hiding in the plants when they’re not feeling well. One day you may see one fish expressing concern over a sick tank mate, nudging it along or just staying close by

The fish in the bowl blow are bored, having no gravel to peck through, and no space to swim a proper distance, however, even worse; their life is at risk

goldfish koi house

Learn more by reading the 10 Easy Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

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