Tips Keeping Goldfish Cool

///Tips Keeping Goldfish Cool

Tips Keeping Goldfish Cool

Tips keeping goldfish cool in the summer

Being coldblooded and cold water fish, goldfish have little tolerance for warm temperatures. Why do you need to read tips  keeping goldfish cool, because goldfish use more oxygen in warmer water, making it all important to keep up with water changes and maintain a healthy pH balance. Because they use more oxygen, this makes nitrates more dangerous in warm water. Warm water also invites bad bacteria and encourages the reproduction of external parasites

Comfort zone of water temperature for goldfish and Koi is 64 to 74 Fahrenheit 

No matter how fancy your goldfish, you can bet it prefers cooler temperatures

Although lower temperatures are easily tolerated, as the blood flow slows, so does the digestive system. Goldfish can easily survive winter in a pond if the bottom is at or below the freeze line, but only if the water is properly oxygenated

Surviving high water temperatures is another story. Unlike warm blooded animals, whose core body temperature is regulated, the body of the goldfish and Koi always match the temperature of the water they’re swimming in. When temps rise to dangerously high levels, their bodies can actually cook. This is why it’s important to keep their goldfish house water temperature at comfortable levels

Symptoms of too warm of water: raised scales

Goldfish lift their scales in an effort to reduce the temperature of the body whether caused by fever or warm water

How keep goldfish pond cool

Here are a few tips for keeping your goldfish cool during the hot summer months

1. Install a water cooler in your aquarium. You can buy them new and used from $100 and up depending on the size you need. If you don’t like turning on the A/C this is an affordable way to keep your fish cold while you enjoy the warmth of summer

2. Chill a pitcher of tank or pond water in the fridge; pour all around slowly; refill and repeat as needed. It may take only a few or several throughout the day to keep your fish cool

3. Keep your indoor fish house open so the surface is exposed to fresh air

4. Set up a fan so it blows across the surface, cooling the air over it

5. Float ice cubes (made from tank water) in the tank, but not so much that they cover necessary surface space

6. Freeze smooth stones appropriately sized and place in fish tank

7. Don’t place indoor fish houses in front of windows that receive a lot of sun

8. Don’t place indoor fish houses in the kitchen or rooms that are warmer than the rest of the house

9. If your pond doesn’t get any shade throughout the day, use free floating water plants to shelter the water from the sun, such as lettuce or water hyacinth. The roots filter the water and the fish enjoy hiding within the stands

10. Increase the water movement in your pond or tank water. Faster moving water stays cooler than quiet water

Learn more about goldfish and cold water by reading Cold Fish

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