Easy Goldfish Cure

Easy Goldfish Cure

Looking for an easy goldfish cure for your sick fish?

I’m sorry to tell you there’s no such thing. A lot of people come to our site asking for an easy goldfish cure. When we tell them that the water needs to be tested, buffered and exchanged, they go elsewhere for help. They want a magic potion to pour in the water, making everything right. The magic potion is in the elbow

Healthy fish live in healthy water, and healthy water doesn’t come easy in an aquarium or small pond. What goldfish and Koi need is water that is rich in minerals, cold and heavily oxygenated. Goldfish the Real Story

easy goldfish cure

You may see products at the pet shop that promise to keep your water clear; products that promise to destroy bad bacteria and parasites. You will also see products that promise to raise pH; products that create an instant cycle. Some of these products work, but only temporarily, and most of these products cause more problems in the long run

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The very products that destroy bad bugs also destroy friendly bugs; the bugs that are responsible for creating the nitrogen cycle. After use, the bad bugs are gone, but so are the good. When this happens, ammonia forms, poisoning the fish. Now you might be thinking, but there are products that eliminate ammonia, and it’s true, but these products cannot safely convert ammonia levels that continue to rise as the cycle completes

Products that raise pH also raise KH. Even though carbonate hardness is a part of pH, so is oxygen. In most cases where pH levels are low, oxygen levels are low, not KH. Too high of carbonate levels can burn your fish

There are products that eliminate nitrates, the end result of the nitrogen cycle, but these products can only convert low levels, and if you’ve been testing nitrates, you know these levels have the potential to climb to high numbers. Nitrates should be removed by exchanging old tank water for fresh

Easy goldfish care

There are also products that eliminate algae, but most goldfish keepers do not understand that algae is a plant life that feeds on nitrates, keeping levels at bay. Algae is also a nutritional food source for goldfish, rich in nutrients and roughage. Being omnivorous, goldfish need both meat and plants for good health

Excellent goldfish health starts with excellent water quality. The tonic below is as close to an easy goldfish cure as it gets, but even so, you can’t depend on for long. Health tonic is a quick fix until you get the things you need and do the things you need to do to create a healthy ecosystem for your fish

easy goldfish cure

easy goldfish cure

Learn everything you can about your goldfish by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping. It’s no easy task keeping your goldfish water healthy, but a little hard work never killed anyone, and lack of it, can kill your goldfish

There’s no easy goldfish cure, but the closest thing to it is our Organic Water Treatments

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