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  • Goldfish are delicate creatures

Descendants of the Gibel carp swimming upstream in China’s icy cold rivers for centuries upon centuries; the ‘goldfish’  bred for it magnificent beauty; its brilliant color and splendid size, developing into a wide range of variations in the species. The Chinese first bred these highly prized goldfish in garden ponds, and often displayed them in glass bowls, but only temporarily to impress their  house guests. Perhaps this is how the tradition of keeping goldfish in bowls got started, but this is also where it should end

Fish of a Different Color

Their natural environment is a complex ecosystem that must be perfectly balanced, and this is only obtained after a great deal of labor, a great deal of added expense, and sometimes heartbreak too

The tiny goldfish being sold in pet shops are called (very young babies) fry; they will double in size within a few short weeks and by the end of their first year they could easily measure 2″ even 3″ in length. After their first year of growth, they average approximately 1″ per year

If their growth is not interrupted or stunted by close quarters, they will keep growing for most of their life span, which averages 20 years, and some live for much longer, growing much larger. If their growth is stunted, their life span will be shortened

What size goldfish aquarium?

Although we’ve been led to believe that goldfish can be kept in bowls; this is not true. Goldfish need space; room to grow. The water they live in should be filtrated and oxygenated. Even a large aquarium is not a natural environment for the goldfish. They are more at home in a shallow pond that has plenty of surface area with plenty of surface activity, such as water fountains and falls. Extreme measures are to be taken if these creatures are to be housed successfully in glass aquariums

Use your imagination when considering housing for your goldfish; have fun with it, but be cautious. A large terracotta pot works well and is quite attractive. Wine barrels with plastic liners are fun; the plastic liner is a must if you are to avoid disaster, or you might consider a claw-foot bathtub. If cost is a big issue, consider a rubber or plastic tub. The most important factors in choosing a container is that it is large enough, strong enough to hold water and free of contaminants.  Whether or not your goldfish are in a glass aquarium, a pond, a tank, or a tub, it is mandatory to create as natural of an environment as possible, and this can be accomplished by following

10 Steps to GOLDFISH Koi Keeping

The oldest known goldfish was proven to be 53 yrs of age

When you first read through the 10 Steps, you may feel overwhelmed, wondering how you got yourself into this, but if you’re persistent and do your homework, you’ll see it was well worth the effort. Once your goldfish house is established and cycled, the maintenance becomes a weekly labor of love, taking only a half hour of so. Goldfish are easy to keep if you know what you’re doing

The two most important things you can do for your fish is to perform frequent water changes and provide plenty of surface action. There is no substitute for clean oxygenated water

Goldfish are omnivorous; feeding on plant and animal food. They have absolutely no maternal instinct, and will eat their own kind, including their young, but make no mistake, they do become very attached to each other, and even their keepers. Preferring to be kept in large schools; safety in numbers, a goldfish alone is a lonely fish. I once witnessed a fish swimming into the glass; attempting to reach the goldfish on the other side; its own reflection; after losing its tank mate. This behavior stopped immediately with the arrival of a new fish. It was love at first sight, twelve years ago

Knowledge base goldfish

goldfish the real story
 Goldfish Behavior

Constant grazers, they spend most of their time in search of food and eat mostly out of instinct instead of hunger. A common mistake new goldfish keepers often make is feeding once a day, and too much at one time. Unfortunately, most goldfish will gorge themselves; this causes serious digestion issues and swimming disorders

goldfish the real story

In the goldfish community, only the best fish keepers have matured fish. These goldfish are highly acclaimed for their age and their size, not just confirmation or coloring

Goldfish types

The goldfish below is a splendid example in coloring and conformation of the species Gibel carp


Gibel carp

Author: Brenda Rand