Stress Coat Water Treatment

Stress Coat Water Treatment

Stress Coat water treatment is one of the most popular

You’ll find Stress Coat water treatment on every shelf that sells fish products, and that’s because it’s the cheapest water treatment available. It converts chlorine and chloramines, while it offers the benefits of aloe

Aloe does increase the slime coat, but only by coating the fish’s body with aloe. A true slime coat is created by the fish naturally. Healthy fish living in a healthy environment wear a healthy layer of slime. The protective coating helps protect them from infection

You may have heard that salt increases the slime coat, and it’s true. Salt irritates the skin, and an increased layer of slime is the response to the irritant, creating a close to nature slime coat

Avoid combining salt with Stress Coat or any other aloe treatment. The two together can create excessive slime that may even form a layer of crustation on the fish; two rights making a wrong

More than one company produces Stress Coat, because the name isn’t one that can be protected legally. Stress Coat products are created equally. Some brands may be inferior to others. Some brands convert ammonia, but even so, this product should not be used for this purpose, unless ammonia is present only in trace amounts

Stress Coat with aloe

Like most water treatments used for converting ammonia, Stress Coat has the potential to convert only 1. ppm per dosage. The dosage can be increased safely according to ammonia levels when using other water treatments, such as Prime or Amquel Plus, but Stress coat should not be increased in dosage due to the aloe content. Increased amounts of aloe can cause increased amounts of slime which leads to other health issues. The gills can become coated, making it difficult for the fish to breathe

Stress Coat should not be used to convert ammonia when establishing the nitrogen cycle; too much of a good thing

About stress coat water treatment

When it comes to Stress Coat, less is more. Use it to convert chlorine in freshwater during a water change if you must, but avoid overuse

Most fish keepers are attracted to the idea that the product contains aloe, and as well they should be. Aloe is an amazing plant with many healing properties

  • Detoxifies the intestinal tract
  • Encourages a healthy immune system
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases external slime coat
  • Encourages regrowth of damaged tissue and scales
  • Heals burns and scrapes

That being said, the chemicals used to convert chlorine or ammonia in Stress Coat may counteract the health benefits of aloe. The aloe added to the water treatment may not be pure, and more than likely the amount of aloe added to the product is insignificant. Amounts are not listed on the labels

Stress Coat should not be used with the intent or relied on to heal burns on fish that have suffered ammonia poisoning or to repair damaged fins or missing scales

Unlike Stress Coat, The Organic Goldfish offers Aloe Remedy that is natural, safe and effective. Aloe remedy also eliminates chlorine from tap water

stress coat water treatment

Stress coat water treatment

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