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    • Venus
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      It’s about time I started a journal here on the new site. I’ll begin with preparing to move the fish close to an hour from where I live now, but moving with goldfish won’t be easy

      My fish are housed in a 170 gallon stock tank holding close to 85 gallons of water. Over the last few weeks I’ve been lowering the water table due to a ryukin that can’t navigate deep water, so this will help save time draining the tank. At this time I have close to 50 gallons in it

      I’ll be transporting the four fish in two small ice chests. They really work well. The lids shut tight and the water stays at a steady temperature for a few hours. I’ll remove all but 3 to 4″ of water from the tank before catching them up. The ryukin and the large moor will be an easy catch, but the other two will be a handful, with the common being next to impossible. She’s fast. She likes to hide in the drain tile, so I’m planning on using that tile to trap her

      Once the fish are in the ice chests, I’ll pull the pumps and place them two pumps in a bucket of tank water, leaving the cords dangling loose. As soon as I arrive at my destination I’ll open the ice chests, spritz the water with Oop boost, and plug in a pump in each bucket to keep the pumps in oxygenated water. I’ll get to work setting up a thirty gallon tub as a temporary home for the fish. Then I’ll start filling the tank.

      I’m bringing close to 20 gallons of tank water with me, and most of it will be the dirty water from the floor of the tank. The biggest mistake fish keepers make during a move is over cleaning the fish house. I’m going to be a little lax on water changes this week, and allow the waste to build more than normal. I’m also going to allow the nitrates to climb a tad higher than usual, but they’ll be converted to keep the fish safe

      Moving with goldfish

      Going against my organic theme of using no water treatment, I will be using Amquel Plus to convert nitrates in the tank water as they build and also to convert chlorine found in tap water at my new residence. I normally eliminate the chlorine using Oop boost. I also keep my freshwater moving a few days before using to make sure the supersaturated gases are cleared from the water, chlorine evaporated and water heavily oxygenated

      A lot of people don’t realize that chlorine is a liquid gas, destroyed by oxygen. It’s a myth that if you let water stand for a few days the chlorine will evaporate. The water must be moving.

      After I get the tank filled to the same 50 gallon mark, I’ll install the pumps and let them move the water for a couple of days to do the same job; remove supersaturated gases, however, the freshwater will be treated to eliminate chlorine. If not, my friendly bug colonies would be at risk

      During the move I’ll make sure the algae on my tank walls remain moist by carrying a spray bottle of tank water

      I’ll let you know how it goes

      Moving with goldfish

    • Venus
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      It’s been two months since the big move, and the algae is finally building up again. The layer is brown, but I haven’t had the usual amount of light on the tank. The fish are nibbling on the sides of the tank again, so I know it’s not my imagination. I miss that beautiful lush, green layer of algae, and I know the fish do too

      Speaking of, all of the fish have settled in nicely after the move. I’ve gone through a lot of testers having to buffer GH and KH, but I’m starting to get it down. At first I was testing with every water change, and now I’m testing only every other week. Once you get to know your water, it’s easier. I’m customizing Water Boost for my tank, which is making all the difference in preparation time and testing

      The fish are doing well. The common spawned the other day, and all of the boys were up for the chase, however, them being fat and fancy, she was laughing at their efforts. She’s fast

    • Anonymous
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      It’s just a matter of time til you have your lush layer back. I’m hoping it’ll be faster this time for you but even if it’s not, it’ll come and you’re on your way. Lucky fish!

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