What Not to Do

What Not to Do for Goldfish

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What not to do list is a long one. For as many things as there is to learn what to do, there are just as many things to learn not to do, and here is a list of the most important ones

Do not use detergents or cleaning agents on your tank, pond or equipment
Do not perform 100% water changes unless for emergency
Do not feed your fish breads, meat or dairy products
Do not use bottled water
Do not raise or lower parameters in more than 3 degree increments
Do not clean your pump or filter system; gently rinse in old tank or pond water and only if mechanics slow;
Do not use decorations in your tank that have not been approved for aquariums
Do not use wood
Do not use painted gravel as a substrate
Do not use sand as substrate
Do not use air stones, bubble wands or air pumps
Do not add water treatment or salt without diluting in treated water
Do not use chemicals around your aquarium or pond
Do not use over the counter medications

Do not keep your goldfish in bowls

Do not combine medications and salt
Do not use treatments that add live bacteria
Do not use treatments that eliminate algae
Do not use salt in your aquarium for an extended period of time
Do not have a bare bottom tank; use natural gravel for a substrate
Do not add plants to your aquarium unless it has been approved for goldfish
Do not add plants or decorations to your tank that have not been properly cleaned and rinsed
Do not house other types of fish with goldfish
Do not house your goldfish in tanks or aquariums that are not filtered and aerated
Do not keep your goldfish tank in the kitchen or bathroom
Do not keep a lid on your tank or aquarium
Do not use carbon or charcoal in cycled tanks or ponds

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