Suitable tank mates for Goldfish

Suitable tank mates for goldfish are goldfish

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In the wild, goldfish are predators and prey fish, being omnivorous. It’s only natural for goldfish to eat other smaller fish or to be eaten by a bigger fish; it’s a cruel world, but fair, because every fish gets its chance at life, but in captivity; it’s cruel and inhumane to keep them in a tank with a known predator that’s could cause constant fear and stress. They have no escape. Goldfish are used as feeder fish; a food source for a large carnivorous fish; sad, but at least the fish won’t be around to be tortured for long. Suitable tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish

Goldfish are freshwater fish

Goldfish are freshwater fish, and prefer cooler temperatures ranging from sixty five to seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. Although they are not aggressive in nature, and get along well with most any type of fish, this doesn’t necessarily mean they should be kept with other fish; chances are, the goldfish will quickly outgrow its tank mate and become the predator. Goldfish eat just about anything they can fit into their mouths. Suitable tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish

Goldfish are diurnal (active during the day)

Algae eaters or sucker are often mistaken as a good match, but unfortunately, quite the opposite is true. Although they do prefer similar conditions, suckers are attracted to the goldfish’s slime coat and will eventually develop a taste for it. Even though the nibbles aren’t serious; the wound is prone to infection which spreads quickly causing sickness and even death. Suckers are nocturnal, feeding at night while the goldfish are resting, making for a stressful night. Suitable tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish

Goldfish are omnivorous; prey and predators

Because goldfish are prey; they have very high stress levels. If you want your fish to live a long and healthy life, you should make the environment as stress free as possible; one that’s free of toxins, free of bad bacteria and free of predators. Suitable tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish

Most other types of freshwater fish prefer the different pH level and, or water temperature. The best fish to keep with goldfish are other goldfish. It’s a myth that common goldfish can’t be kept with the fancy variety; as long as they are close to the same size; they’ll make great tank mates

Goldfish Behavior

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Author: Brenda Rand