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Fish House Evaluation do you pass the test? 

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Let us critique your set up, your maintenance and feeding habits. Healthy fish live in a healthy ecosystem, and a healthy ecosystem depends on how well you know and understand the parameters of your water, and how to oxygenate it

There’s a lot to keeping your fish healthy and happy. If you want to know what areas you could improve in, fill out the questions below, and we’ll give you our humble opinion

SELECT, COPY & PASTE into a word program first; answer questions
COPY and PASTE into the forum section Goldfish Koi House evaluation

aquarium or pond evaluation

Aquarium or pond evaluation

1. How long have you had your fish? What type are they? Have you recently added a new fish?
Are there any other types of aqua life present?

2. How long are they in body length (not including  tail) combined?

3. Approximately how many gallons or liters of water is in their tank, aquarium or pond?

5. How often do you change out water? What percentage is normally exchanged?
Have you just performed a water change? What percentage was exchanged?

6. Do you use water treatment? What type?

7. Do you have a filtering system? What type? Does it contain charcoal or carbon? Does it contain a disposable cartridge? Describe your maintenance habits with filter or pump

8. Does your tank have a graveled bottom? What is the thickness? Do you use a gravel vacuum?

9. Do you have algae growth? Is your tank or pond planted? Have you recently added a new plant?

10. Are you the primary care taker?

11. What type of fish food do you feed? How often do you feed? Describe method of feeding

12. Do you understand the nitrogen cycle? If so, has your tank or pond completed it?

13. What are your tank or pond water parameters?
A. Temperature?
B. pH?
C. KH?
D. GH?
E. Ammonia?
F. Nitrite?
G. Nitrate?
Are these results before or after water change?

What are your tap water parameters?
B. pH?
C. KH?
D. GH?
E. Ammonia?
F. Nitrite?
G. Nitrate?

15. Where in the world are you located? Do you live close to the sea or by the ocean?

16. Have you recently used chemicals in the area the tank or pond is located?

19. Has the main tank or aquarium been relocated recently?

20. Has the fish in question been quarantined?

21. Is the tank open or enclosed?

22. Is medication, salt or other substance present in the aquarium or pond water at this time?

23. Describe goldfish behavior or symptoms

24. Please list any ornaments or decorations in the tank or pond; type and material

If possible, please attach photographs or a video of your fish, and your tank, aquarium or pond

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