Goldfish Koi Care

Goldfish Koi Care can be fun and easy

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It’s a myth that goldfish can be kept successfully in bowls. Goldfish grow rapidly throughout their lives and they require growing room. It’s also a myth that goldfish do not need filtered or aerated water. Goldfish are river fish, so even if we keep them in a pond, we’re compromising. Keep your pond like a river, and your aquarium like a pond, and your fish will be happy

Goldfish information

The goldfish information you find on the net may be misleading. All too often goldfish care information is copied from one site to the next without any research. Don’t assume the information you have found is true. Use your common sense when it comes to your goldfish and Koi. The information on this site has been researched, not from other goldfish sites, but through hands on experience. Many years ago, when my fish were dying one after another, I followed the instructions I found online, but it didn’t help. One day, I had an idea that I should research the history of the goldfish. I found out they come from the cold and fast moving rivers of China. I worked on recreating the same environment, and my fish began to thrive

Caring for goldfish

By creating a natural and healthy ecosystem in your goldfish tank or pond, no matter the size, your fish too, can thrive. Goldfish need water that is rich in mineral value; water that is heavily oxygenated, and these are the things I learned how to do. If you want your fish to live and grow, read the 10 steps to goldfish and Koi keeping. Follow each and every step, and this will lead you to a healthy environment for your fish

How to care for goldfish

goldfish Koi care

Goldfish care is much easier than you think. Most new goldfish keeper exchange all of the tank water at one time, scrubbing everything down. This action destroys the ecosystem. An ecosystem consists of healthy microorganisms that help keep the environment safe. Exchanging all of the water eliminates these friendly bugs. Most new goldfish keepers believe that waste dirties the water and is unhealthy for the fish, but the opposite is true. From waste, ammonia is created; the food source for the friendly bugs. Friendly bugs make the environment safe for fish to live in

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

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Author: Brenda Rand