Goldfish Care

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Goldfish care is much more than you ever imagined. They live in a complex ecosystem, and their water must be rich in oxygen and mineral value. Most goldfish keepers add water treatment to freshwater, perform a water change and call it quits. Few understand the five common water parameters

The first toxin to form in the nitrogen cycle; created from waste. Ammonia is deadly to goldfish, however, without it, there would be no cycle; no circle of aqua life. All too many goldfish keepers don’t know it exists or fight it

Second toxin converted by beneficial bacteria from the ammonia they feed on, however, it too is misunderstood. It’s dangerous, although a necessary part of the cycle

Third and final toxin to form in the cycle, although, this toxin is always present in a cycled aquarium or pond. Nitrates are safe in low amounts. Algae is not considered as a parameter, although its worth is invaluable in a healthy ecosystem. Mistaken for grunge, algae forms when nitrates are present, feeding on the toxin, keeping levels tolerable. Algae is also a healthy food source for goldfish. This amazing plant completes the circle of aqua life

General Hardness
Together, magnesium and calcium make up general hardness. One of the forgotten parameters, GH contains vital minerals our fish need for good health and longevity

Carbonate Hardness
KH is another one of the forgotten minerals, and that’s too bad, becauseĀ this all amazing mineral gives water the ability to support the O2 molecule. Water would notĀ support life without its presence. Carbonate mineral alone is responsible for the alkalinity of water

Learn all about these amazing parameters by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

No, that’s not a flower, but the flowing tail of a goldfish. The red streaks
have been caused by a nitrite spike; the goldfish keeper unaware. Don’t let this happen to your fish
Learn about the nitrogen cycle and keep your fish safe from toxins

goldfish care

Goldfish care

Read and learn about goldfish care and follow our 10 Steps. If you do, your fish will thrive in the environment you create for them. The author offers various learning levels for those who want to know why and for those who just want to know what to do

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