Treating Goldfish for Shock

///Treating Goldfish for Shock
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Treating Goldfish for Shock reduces the risk of death in injured fish

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Symptoms; bottom sitting; lack of appetite; lack of response; slow mouth and gill movement

Nature’s way of relieving extreme stress and or pain; when a fish goes into shock due to trauma, their bodies release hormones that shut down bodily function. In most cases, a healthy fish recovers, but some fish are not so lucky. Causing low blood pressure that can sometimes lead to death, shock is common in goldfish. Fear has kept goldfish alive in the wild for generations, but in captivity, it may be the very thing that kills them

There are many reasons goldfish experience shock, but the most common is shock caused by a large and sudden change in nitrates. Shock can also occur when temperatures are suddenly changed dramatically. A goldfish in a healthy and happy environment; natural lighting, gravel to peck through, plants to hover in or around with hiding places experience much less stress on a daily basis as a goldfish living in an unhealthy and unhappy environment

A goldfish living in a school experiences less stress than a goldfish alone. It’s up to us to create a safe haven for our little friends, but even when we do, accidents can happen to the best of goldfish. Keeping stress levels low reduces the risk of shock

Treating goldfish for shock

Goldfish have been known to jump from their houses. Goldfish have been known to be dropped on the floor, injured on a top loading filter or a decoration

Prevention is the best treatment for shock, but if you believe your goldfish may be experiencing shock, boost water quality to highest value possible. This could be the best medicine. Nothing gets blood moving like oxygen

Perform the Mean Green Remedy

A prolonged state of fear causes high blood pressure which can lead to damaged blood vessels, ending with heart failure. Do not use green tea on these fish

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