Conversions and measuring

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Conversions and Measuring amounts for goldfish

Conversions and measuring
by nector
Lets talk about the importance of know this, maybe not by mind but having this handy is always good. Knowing the volume of your tank can help you determine the amount of gallons/litters you have in your tank.
Lets start by knowing how to identify the volume. First we must know the materials:Materials:

Convert gallons liters

b30; Measuring tool (inch)
b30; The tank (:D)
b30; Paper and pencil (optional)
b30; Calculator (optional)Now we can start:
1. Measure the tanks width, height, and length with the measuring tool.
2. multiply the 3 with the use of the calculator, the paper and pencil or the brain.
3. Divide the results by 231NOTE: This is just for QUADRILATERALS and remember that decoration take up space too!For Circles:
1. Find the radius r (half of the circle) and the height h (top to bottom)
2. multiply the radius times 2 times the height times 3.14 (r*r*3.14*h)
3. multiply the result with 0.0043Now what if we want it on litters?
well easy, lets get a calculator and multiply the amount of gallon with 3.78541 or3.7 for estimate.
5 gallons—- 5*3.78541 = 18.9
Conversions and measuring
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