Homemade pH indicator

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Homemade pH indicator

by nectar

This is a easy and cheap way to test your tanks pH level. This homemade indicator doesn’t need any chemical but will need fire. So, if You are under age children that cares about your fishes, ask and adult for help. The first thing you will do is to get the materials: – red cabbage – water – a pot – a container – a knife (optional)

Step 1
Take the cabbage and peel it off taking the layers apart, you won’t need a lot, 1 layer will be enough. Use knife if needed.

Step2 Put the layer of the red cabbage in the pot, and add water. Make sure the amount of water is a little bit more than the layer of red cabbage.

Step 3 Boil the red cabbage with water for around 7-10 minutes, the water should turn to the color of the cabbage’s skin.

Step 4 Once the water is the correct color, take the red cabbage water and pour it inside the container. This will be the indicator. The pH of this liquid is around 7 depending on the pH level of the used water. Just add the tank’s water to the cabbage juice and see it color change, then compare it with the ones below. Here are the levels according to the colors.

Test pH

TIP: you may want to save the juice for further use, but I don’t guarantee it will work after a lot of time.

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