Do Goldfish have Memories?

Do Goldfish have Memories or do they easily forget?

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Do goldfish have memories? It’s been said that goldfish don’t have much when it comes to memory, but if you have kept goldfish for very long, you know this isn’t true. Some of the experts say that goldfish can’t recognize their goldfish keepers, but this is a myth also

Do goldfish recognize their goldfish keepers?

My goldfish come to me when I walk over to the tank, but when my friends come to visit, they go into hiding if they get to close. My five year old grandson comes over every couple of weeks, and loves to feed the fish. When we first started this routine, they wouldn’t come out of hiding, but now they recognize him, and are very friendly; knowing they’re in for a treat. Now that my younger two year old grandson is old enough to feed the fish, they run for cover when he leans over the tank, but I know in time, they’ll recognize him too

Do goldfish recognize each other?

If you’ve every added a new fish to your tank or pond, you know that your old fish are slow to warm up to the new guy

When my old pearlscale became sick, I placed him in a tub for treatment. He remained there for a few months. When the time came to return him to the main tank, all of the fish were happy to see him. His old friend stayed close by his side for several days. The entire group seemed more lively with their old friend back in the tank, and the pearlscale was happy to be back home

Not only do goldfish recognize their goldfish keepers, but they remember old friends

Do goldfish remember types of food?

Have you ever given your goldfish a special treat, such as fresh spinach but they acted as though the food was going to eat them? After a while, the fish gather up the courage to get closer, and finally the bravest goldfish of the group takes the first bite, so the others join in. If your fish liked the spinach, you continue feeding it, but maybe a few months go past until you remember to add it to the grocery list. If this has happened, you probably noticed the fish went right to the spinach, remembering the treat

Do goldfish remember objects?

As an experiment, add a new decoration to your set up. Your goldfish will probably be nervous about it, avoiding the new item for a few days. Now, wait for a few months, and then remove the decoration. After a few months have passed, add the decoration back in the tank, and you’ll notice the fish swim right up to it

Yes, goldfish do have memories

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Author: Brenda Rand