For the Love of Goldfish

For the Love of Goldfish, learn everything you can

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For the love of Goldfish, learn everything you can about them. We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again; goldfish have no memory. It’s been said that they don’t recognize faces, or care about their tank mates. It’s even been said, that goldfish have no feelings of emotion or pain, but if you’ve ever kept goldfish, you know this simply isn’t true


My goldfish are bashful around strangers, and won’t come to supper unless I’m the one feeding them. If I leave town for a few days, it takes a few feedings for my fish to get to know and trust the new goldfish keeper, but once they’ve become used to the new face, no problem. My son sees the fish only once or twice a week, and they recognize him, they know he means them no harm, but if someone comes over that they don’t see very often or have never seen before, they run for cover


Do goldfish have personalities?


Every fish is different; just like cats or dogs. Some are outgoing, and some are more reserved. Some show off, and some are the class clown. If the tank is rearranged, a new pump or decoration added, some fish will stay clear, but some fish are curious, showing little fear, or a great deal of courage


For the love of goldfish


Many goldfish keepers have taught their fish a variety of tricks. Just like a cat or a dog, a goldfish will do just about anything it can for a tasty treat


Do goldfish have feelings?


Instinct drives goldfish to eat other smaller fish; even their young, but even so, they do become attached to their tank mates, some more than others. Some fish develop very strong feelings, and if a companion becomes ill, they offer support by nudging, keeping a close watch, and staying close by. For example, one of a pair of goldfish died, and the remaining fish stopped eating, showing great distress by swimming into the glass; trying to get to its own reflection. When another fish was placed into the tank, the couple bonded quickly, and never left each other’s side


For the love of goldfish


Goldfish express a wide range of emotion. They show fear in times of stress; they grieve over sick or dying tank mates; they play by themselves, and sometimes with each other, and sometimes they get angry or pout


How do we know if a goldfish doesn’t feel well?


It’s easy to tell if a fish doesn’t feel well by the behavior it exhibits; it may sit in a corner, or hide in a plant. If a goldfish is infected with parasites, it shows discomfort by flashing and rubbing against the gravel or the decorations. A goldfish in water without enough oxygen exhibits signs of distress. If a goldfish is removed from it’s tank or pond water; it thrashes violently in a state of panic


Can goldfish get depressed?


Goldfish can also become bored, and even depressed in a container without vegetation to nibble on, decoration to hide behind or gravel to peck through. Feeling much safer in schools, a goldfish kept alone needs more companionship from it’s keeper. Some lonely goldfish have actually been known to watch television; preferring programs on marine life


for the love of goldfish


Experiencing fear, love and pain, goldfish are just like other animals. Yes, goldfish do have feelings


Goldfish Behavior


Author: Brenda Rand