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Goldfish Abuse or Neglect is all too common in the Industry

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Goldfish abuse is taken lightly, however, they may be the most abused creatures on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, society views them as a feeder fish with little value. They are labeled as having no emotion, no sensation of pain and no memory, but such is not the case, as any real goldfish keeper knows

Neglect is a form of goldfish abuse. Anyone could see the fish in the photo below is in distress, and it didn’t happen overnight

The breeders handle them roughly, and over salt their tanks to reduce bacteria. The less than perfect fish are culled from the school and tossed heartlessly in the trash. The lucky survivors are shipped in small bags of water and often deprived of oxygen in the process. When they arrive at the pet shops, without being acclimated they are dropped in tanks of water that more often than not are high in nitrates, too warm of water conditions from the bright display lights, low in oxygen and heavily medicated to reduce the risk of infection. There is, there always has been, and there always will be goldfish abuse

Cruelty to goldfish

Some goldfish will be placed in even smaller bags than those they are shipped in, to be handed out at a fair as a prize. Some will be placed in tiny dishes as a centerpiece on a table. Some will be examined by a class of biology students, and some may even be swallowed by a college student on a dare, and although it sounds horrible, it may not be the most cruel form of abuse

Scientists use goldfish in experiments which is an accepted form of goldfish abuse in our society today

Neglecting goldfish

Most goldfish will die before they reach 3 to six month after hatching. Some will be poisoned by ammonia or nitrites, or placed in tiny bowls, or large enclosed tanks causing oxygen deprivation. Some will die of bad bacteria or parasite infection. Some will die from neglect in dirty water that is high in nitrates. Some will be eaten by other fish, and some will starve to death forgotten. Some will be overfed and die from blocked intestinal tracts. Some will cook in a small container placed too close to the kitchen or over a heat vent

Goldfish Abuse

Goldfish neglect

I’m not sure how many goldfish are bred and how many of those fish will die before they reach their first year, but when you look at your goldfish swimming in its healthy ecosystem, know that it could be one in a million; a very lucky fish

10 Steps to Goldfish Keeping

Author: Brenda Rand

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