Goldfish Antibiotics

Goldfish Antibiotics

Goldfish Antibiotics compromise the immune system

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Goldfish antibiotics sold at pet shops can and will kill your fish. Destroying everything in its path, good and bad bugs alike, antibiotics work by poisoning the environment. In the process, organs are compromised. Antibiotics prescribed by a veterinarian are more powerful, and may work faster, but they too are lethal, and here’s why……..

Bad bacteria are everywhere; in our fish’s water and in their bodies, waiting patiently for a chance to thrive. When we refer to infection, we mean bad bacteria have become invasive. For example, a slow moving tract is an open invitation for bad bugs. Food is utilized gradually as it travels through the intestines turning to waste. Creating the perfect home for unhealthy bacteria, waste that has spent too much time in the tract decays. Be it waste, water or tissue, bad bugs thrive in poor conditions. Rotting food or tissue is their food source

Good bacteria thrive in the opposite conditions. Toxins created by the waste your fish produce are their food source. Their presence helps to create a safe environment in or out of body. Another notable difference, bad bugs are capable of building immunity to intolerable substances, and at the top of the list is medicinal antibiotics, however, good bugs, fragile as they are, cannot build resistance. The only thing these bugs have in common; they are both microscopic organisms

Healthy bacteria thrive in healthy environments

What causes infection?

Goldfish living in water poor in quality are at high risk of infection. If the water is infected, so are the fish

Goldfish antibiotics

Maintaining excellent water quality doesn’t mean your fish will never become infected with bad bacteria. Some things are out of our control. Internal body parts are at high risk of infection if they slow or cease to function. Like the water our fish live in, as the action slows, the risk of infection increase

Body parts deteriorate as they slow in function. A failing heart, kidneys or liver are all prone to infection. The swim bladder organ that has collapsed or ruptured will fall prey. Older females are at high risk due to lower hormone production. Fewer males chase during the spawning event. Her eggs become impacted, and then decay inside of her body, inviting infection

We live in an instant society. We want it, and we want it now

Goldfish medication

Infection is often widely spread by the time we notice symptoms. Medicinal antibiotics work quickly, giving us gratification. This is just one reason we’re drawn to them. Within a few short days symptoms disappear, however, looks are deceiving

Known or unknown, the source of infection in its weakened state is first attacked by bad bacteria weakening it further. Adding insult to injury, the organ is then subjected to the poisonous properties of antibiotics

Beneficial bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 hours, whereas bad bacteria reproduce every 12 to 20 minutes. After using medicinal antibiotics, it will take a few months for friendly bugs to rebuild their colonies. During this time, the fish are vulnerable. Within a few days the enemy will be at full force

Medicinal antibiotics destroy most all of the bad bacteria creating the chaos, however, the remaining few build a resistance to the drug. These few are the ones that will work to create a new colony, and with no healthy bacteria present to stop their invasion they will continue growing in numbers. If the source of infection remains unchanged, infection will reoccur, and treatment will have to be repeated. The second round will be less effective than the first with the new colony being resistant to the medication previously used

Goldfish antibiotics

Is there an alternative to medicinal antibiotics?

Natural antibiotics not only kill infection, they also help repair damaged cells and improve organ function, unlike medicinal antibiotics. Infection is only a symptom. In order to cure the ailment, the cause of infection, we must first determine the source. This can be difficult if not impossible. Even with people, there are many cases that can’t be diagnosed, and those that are can’t always be treated successfully. The same is true with our fish

Bad bacteria are destroyed by natural antibiotics by creating an environment in which they cannot thrive. Beneficial bacteria will be encouraged to flourish as the ecosystem grows healthy, in our out of body. The natural method of health care takes time, but it works in every aspect

Good bugs kill bad bugs on contact

Chances are, if natural remedies won’t improve the health of your fish, nothing will

Medicating our goldfish


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