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Goldfish sucked on by Pleco

Goldfish sucked on by Pleco. Please help her recover!!

I know, I know it was a horrible idea to have a Pleco and a Goldfish together. After listening to a Pet store clerk 2 years ago we brought ‘Zucchini’ home and tried to make it work when we realized the mistake, since we only had time for 1 tank. 6 months ago our male Goldfish got sick. ‘Zucchini’ sucked on our now deceased male goldfish and got a taste for goldfish slime coat, I guess. We thought if we fed him well he would leave the healthy female alone, they had been living peacefully for 2 years together. But ‘Fortune’ our female Goldfish was aggressively attacked one day when I forgot to put some vegetables on the veggie clip.

We managed to rehome Zucchini, which was a sad goodbye. Leaving us caring for the injured Fortune. She is the only inhabitant now to a 50 gallon tank. It has a 40-70 gallon Aqua Clear filter, Aquatic sand, a bubble wand and silk plants. I haven’t checked water parameters because I’m dealing with an injury and it’s hard for me to use the Master kit.

Day 1- I have been feeding her only sinking pellets and peas because she can’t swim to the top of the tank. I’ve been giving her Vitachem vitamins long term and I’ve been using Kordon Fish Protector with Vitamin B12 and Echinacea since injury as well adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank 5Tbs.

Day 2-

I turned off the bubble wand because Fortune is having a really hard time swimming. I continued the Fish Protection and Vitamins according to instructions. Added a dose of Melafix. By night Fortune can’t eat peas, can’t swim. Is laying st the bottom of the tank or occasionally righting herself and floating/struggling.

What can I do? I’m afraid to do a water change in case the Prime water conditioner hurts her fragile tail. I’m afraid to do a salt bath because she is on medication. Not sure how much longer she can stay at the bottom or go without eating!

Photo below show fish with red veining in tail fin caused by nitrite poisoning

Goldfish sucked on by Pleco

Goldfish sucked on by Pleco











by Venus: Nitrate levels were dangerously high. A large water change was performed after the owner noticed the fish wasn’t quite right. Fish is starting to curl due to nitrate shock

goldfish sucked on by pleco

After a few days of deepĀ and heavily oxygenated water, fish isĀ recovering

goldfish sucked on by pleco

Fish swimming normally. Although some damage may have occurred from Pleco sucking on fish, nothing too serious



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  1. That is great photo essay of your fish’s recovery. Great job! Happy for you!

  2. Raingarden is one of the few sites that IDs the fish’s gender. They don’t sell commons, but they do sell some body types similar to commons, usually listed in their “other goldfish” section.

  3. dozierjennifer April 17, 2017 at 12:15 pm


    I have found a good fish online but am going to wait until everything is set up awhile to purchase.

    I am still having trouble with the pea gravel of all things! I really prefer to purchase things online. I bought this one:

    But I am having second thoughts. Isn’t this too small for a big goldfish? I am worried she will swallow a rock on accident.


  4. Venus April 16, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Yes to everything. You’ve got it

    Go to a local lawn and garden store for pea gravel

    It’s tough, finding a mature fish, and then it’s even tougher to find a male. Most people can’t determine the sex of a fish. I can only do it by watching to see who chases during spawning. Males do the chasing. Your fish looks to be a common, so it would be helpful if you could find a common male. Reason being, fancy male fish might have problems keeping up with her. I don’t have fish for sell right now, and the only common I have is female

    That being said, many a female fish have found relief from the jets of a pond pump. Once she gets used to the action, you might see your fish hovering over the jet stream. The action provides the necessary pressure to release eggs. In the meantime, you might place an ad on Craigslist, looking for mature pond fish

    Shubunkins and comets can keep up with a common fish. There’s a pet shop down the street that’s selling 3″ shubunkins. I know that doesn’t help you, but it should encourage you to keep looking locally. Don’t be tempted to buy a Koi. They grow too big too fast

    Email me your location, and if we get someone from your area wanting to rehome their fish I’ll let you know. Most of these fish are pond fish, ranging from 6 to 10″

    You might find the right fish online. Look for a shu. They’re hardy and beautiful too

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