Blood Poisoning 911

Blood Poisoning 911

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Symptoms: Bleeding under the skin; raised scales

Affecting the old and sick or injured, blood poisoning is often caused by a liver or kidney that has been compromised,
and is degrading or tear in the tract; the fish impacted and impaired. Fish that sit for long periods of time are at risk

Blood poisoning 911

Medicinal antibiotics are not the solution. If the fish is to be brought back to health, the immune
system of the intestinal tract and the blood stream must be boosted, and this cannot happen if the immune system
of the environment is weak

Septicemia goldfish

Blood poisoning 911

Mineral value should be boosted to optimum levels

KH 140 ppm
GH 300 to 400 ppm
pH 8.4 ppm

Refer to:

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Recommend using

Oop Boost

Garlic Remedy



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Author: Brenda Rand