Class H Symptoms

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Class H Goldfish Symptoms:

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Goldfish is in distress; Goldfish has white marks or patches; Goldfish has clamped fins; Goldfish has black patches; Goldfish has red blotches; Goldfish has broken blood vessels; Goldfish has red streaks in tail fin

click here and follow instructions for 911 Freshwater Change

Chill some fresh, cold, treated and worked over tap water in the fridge. Pour all around tank slowly; refill and repeat. Reduce tank water temperature to 54f until you have obtained or are using water treatment that converts ammonia and nitrite to a safe form

Test for ammonia and nitrite. If either toxin is present, your tank or pond is cycling or the cycle has broken

Perform daily water changes using water treatment that converts ammonia and nitrite to a safe form. Continue daily use until there are zero levels of ammonia and or nitrite. Treat entire tank size with every water change

Goldfish can exhibit symptoms of nitrite poisoning long after the fact. This toxin is similar to nitrates, and must be treated by increasing oxygen levels in the water

Learn about the toxins that create the nitrogen cycle and how to use water treatment to convert toxins by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Treat with Aloe Remedy

Class goldfish symptoms

Most goldfish that have been exposed to levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrates become super sensitive to the toxin

 Goldfish Distress symptoms

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