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Goldfish Koi Chat

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Goldfish Koi chat is a place we can meet and chat about our goldfish. Goldfish keepers love talking about goldfish, however, our non goldfish keeper friends and family get tired of the topic. Here, we can go on and on without getting a sigh or an eye roll. The hobby quickly becomes an obsession. Some of us can’t get enough

We love our goldfish, and we want to learn everything about them, even so, we also enjoy telling someone about the water spill or the fish that hovers over the jets. Maybe we don’t carry photos of them in our wallets, but they’re always on our mind

Goldfish Koi Chat

We keep goldfish for different reasons, but when it comes down to it, we’re all passionate about our fish. Goldfish, just like our other pets develop personalities. The bashful goldfish hides when we have visitors, however, the outgoing goldfish is curious, and enjoys getting their attention

Goldfish bond to their tank mates as well as their keepers. They have a wide range of emotions

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Do you know the difference between goldfish Koi? Do you know the difference between goldfish Koi. Both species descended from the rivers in China, although Koi were adopted by the Japanese, where they were first bred for their coloration and kept in ponds. We often see Koi sold at the pet shops. Sometimes they're in the goldfish section, although most pet shops have them in a large tank in the pond section, as well they [...]

10 Deadly Goldfish Myths

10 deadly goldfish myths that may surprise you 10 deadly goldfish myths that may surprise you. The very things you think are right to do for goldfish could be the very thing that kills them. Read below, and then follow up by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping. The goldfish you're keeping in a bowl deserves much more 1. Goldfish cannot survive in a standard goldfish bowl, however, a container that has a [...]

Tips Keeping Goldfish Cool

Tips keeping goldfish cool in the summer Being coldblooded and cold water fish, goldfish have little tolerance for warm temperatures. Why do you need to read tips  keeping goldfish cool, because goldfish use more oxygen in warmer water, making it all important to keep up with water changes and maintain a healthy pH balance. Because they use more oxygen, this makes nitrates more dangerous in warm water. Warm water also invites bad bacteria and encourages [...]

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Looking for an easy goldfish cure for your sick fish? I'm sorry to tell you there's no such thing. A lot of people come to our site asking for an easy goldfish cure. When we tell them that the water needs to be tested, buffered and exchanged, they go elsewhere for help. They want a magic potion to pour in the water, making everything right. The magic potion is in the elbow Healthy fish live in [...]

Stress Coat Water Treatment

Stress Coat water treatment is one of the most popular You'll find Stress Coat water treatment on every shelf that sells fish products, and that's because it's the cheapest water treatment available. It converts chlorine and chloramines, while it offers the benefits of aloe Aloe does increase the slime coat, but only by coating the fish's body with aloe. A true slime coat is created by the fish naturally. Healthy fish living in a healthy environment [...]

Bottled pH

Bottled pH, does it work, and if so, how Bottled pH is popular with a lot of goldfish and Koi keepers. Most of us test pH levels as a part of their normal routine; it being the most common parameter, however it's also the most confusing. We know that the levels should be within an established comfort zone, however, we don't know how or why Bottled pH We've heard of the dreaded pH crash, although we're unsure what causes [...]

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