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Goldfish Koi chat is a place we can meet and chat about our goldfish. Goldfish keepers love talking about goldfish, however, our non goldfish keeper friends and family get tired of the topic. Here, we can go on and on without getting a sigh or an eye roll. The hobby quickly becomes an obsession. Some of us can’t get enough

We love our goldfish, and we want to learn everything about them, even so, we also enjoy telling someone about the water spill or the fish that hovers over the jets. Maybe we don’t carry photos of them in our wallets, but they’re always on our mind

Goldfish Koi Chat

We keep goldfish for different reasons, but when it comes down to it, we’re all passionate about our fish. Goldfish, just like our other pets develop personalities. The bashful goldfish hides when we have visitors, however, the outgoing goldfish is curious, and enjoys getting their attention

Goldfish bond to their tank mates as well as their keepers. They have a wide range of emotions

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No filter No pump leads to no oxygen in the water, or does it? No filter no pump leads to no oxygen in the water. We love our pond pumps around here, and never miss an opportunity to talk them up. A real pond pumps pulls water from the very bottom of the tank, and then pushes it to the surface in a powerful jet stream. During this process carbon dioxide (gas created from [...]

Test water without testing

Test water without testing without using a test kit Test water without testing sounds impossible, but such is not the case. Learn how to read symptoms. Educate yourself about the nitrogen cycle and the water your fish live in. It won't be easy, but if you have a greater understanding of these things, you can keep your fish safe without using a test kit. That being said, I highly recommend testing regularly, however, in [...]

New Years Resolution

This year for just a few of my new years resolution If you're into making a new years resolution or two, why not make a few that include your fish as well. If you do, this time next year, your fish will be a year older and a little bigger. It's so easy to put things off, but in the world of goldfish keeping, this could be a big mistake. Putting off a water [...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your goldfish We can give our goldfish a merry Christmas by not forgetting to feed, and by not putting off their usual water changes During the holidays, we're busy shopping and wrapping presents. We're busy baking and cooking for special parties and much to do, that it's easy to forget our goldfish. We forget to feed them, or can't because we're away visiting Grandma Merry Christmas No matter how [...]

Goldfish for Christmas

How many kids will get a goldfish for Christmas this year? After all, they're much easier to care for than a cat or dog; right? After all, giving a goldfish for Christmas is cheap, and so are the bowls they live in; right? After all, goldfish food is cheap too, and it's fun for the children to feed them. After all, it will teach the kids some responsibility. After all, if the goldfish dies, it's [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner Goldfish

Thanksgiving dinner goldfish? Why not? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we should give our goldfish and Koi a reason to be thankful. Pumpkin and sweet potato; a favorite and long time tradition served for dinner at Grandma's house in most of the US. Thanksgiving dinner goldfish is fun and easy to serve, and your fish love it Maybe your family buys frozen pie and use canned sweet potato, containing additional ingredients that aren't good [...]

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