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Goldfish products; to use or not to use

Goldfish products are on every shelf of every pet shop just waiting for us to buy them and bring them home. People all across the globe are keeping goldfish. The hobby isn’t limited to the US, Canada and Europe. Goldfish keepers in these countries have access to a wide product range unlike our friends in the far east. Their choices are limited, and sometimes there are no choices. There are also those that can’t afford buying products, mistakenly thinking goldfish were cheap to keep and there are also those that prefer using as few unnatural products as possible; the organic goldfish and Koi keeper

We’re not against the use of chemical products. Some of us use it religiously. Some of us can’t and some won’t. If you’re considering the use of a product, using a product or have used a product, we want to hear your opinions or help you form one. If you can’t obtain a product we want to help you to find a way to get around it

Goldfish supplies

Although I keep Amquel Plus (water treatment that converts chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates into a safe form) on hand, I do everything possible to avoid using it because it contains chemicals. I have a natural ecosystem, and these types of treatments are not natural

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Every product or piece of equipment we use has a purpose, and no matter what the purpose, there’s always another way to get a job done. For example, most of us use water treatment to eliminate chlorine, but there’s a way to eliminate chlorine naturally, being a liquid gas, by exposing it to oxygen

goldfish products

If you’re cycling your aquarium or pond, and cannot obtain water treatment, the Semi Live Fish Free cycle will see your fish safely though. If there are no pumps or filters available in your region or online, there’s a way to keep the water oxygenated without mechanical means

Goldfish equipment

Although I have four pumps in my tank right now, the fish would fair just fine without them. This is because the water table is low and the surface area is quite large compared to the body of water. In most cases, there is a way to avoid the use of a product and equipment as well, and still get the end result

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