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Stop killing goldfish and stop following pet shop advice

Stop killing goldfish. Instead of keeping them in a sterile or chemically induced environment, create a natural ecosystem for your fish. Pet shop clerks sell products. Few are experts on animals, especially goldfish, although they act like it in order to make the sell. If they’re confident, you’ll be confident in them. The products that line the pet shop shelves hold false promises of curing your fish

Most of these products are based on dangerous chemicals that all too often push sick fish over the edge. I have never known one case where these chemically based medications improved the health of a fish

Dead goldfish

Nine times out of ten, a fish is suffering from water poor in value, poisoning or improper feeding, not disease. Adding pet shop medications to their unhealthy environment worsens the condition of the water and the fish. The same chemicals promised to improve the health of your fish, destroys the ecosystem by killing organic life forms. Fish living in a natural environment depend on a healthy ecosystem for quality of life, and so does the fish living held in captivity

Killed goldfish

When chemicals are intentionally or unintentionally dumped in our natural water works, the live in it dies or becomes sickened. The same is true of our goldfish. We should never have to use chemicals to maintain the health of our fish house water. With little encouragement, Mother Nature will get the job done

Stop killing goldfish

A natural environment starts with fast moving water exposed to fresh air; cold water rich in mineral value, set up with real pond pumps, established with a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria. The environment is topped off with a thick layer of algae

Newly remodeled to encourage mother nature, in a short time this aquarium will sport a beautiful layer of green algae. The fish in the photo came back from the dead when placed in a healthy body of water

stop killing goldfish

Healthy water

Look closely, and you’ll see one fish with one eye missing. The decoration is pretty alright; pretty deadly

stop killing goldfish

Unhealthy environment


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