Pictures of bumps

Pictures of bumps

Here are the bumps in pics. Also the new droopy tail appearance.

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  1. Venus October 20, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    My first discovery was salt. I started out recommending salt bathes, salt tonics and then the salt treatment for the more serious issues. One day a light bulb turned on, and I just had a feeling garlic was the cure for fish that had been over salted, or couldn’t tolerate it for one reason or another. I thought I invented it, but nope, some other pond guy was using it as well

    There’s a long list of natural remedies that benefit our fish. You’ll find them here;

  2. Venus October 20, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Glad to hear things are looking up. Garlic is amazing stuff, but increasing the oxygen levels combined with garlic could be helping her. Warts look like warts. They’re all different sizes and have a rough feel to them. You’ll normally see them popping up close to one another, because they spread easily. The bumps I see in the photos don’t look like warts. If they’re not parasites, they’re those bumps I told you about; the bumps mature fish get. It could have something to do with hormones

    It’s really hard to take pics of fish; they’re the worst subjects. The ones you posted are pretty good really. They just don’t show that up close shot I need to see clearly

    Keep up the good work

    • Lil Dipper October 20, 2017 at 9:05 pm

      Thanks! Couldn’t have done it w/o you! I’d still be sitting here w/another round of a/b, large water changes, and wondering if my filter is 100%, and who knows, could’ve lost my fish.

      I was just examining the white one and if I’m not mistaken I think his tail has less spots on it. Tomorrow I’ll turn on the light and take a better look. I’m noticing Gina/Gino is finally picking around in the gravel too. Something he hasn’t done in quite a while so regularly. The other two do pick around.

      Haha, garlic for goldfish, who ever found this out?! But they are really loving the peas from it! In the morning they come to the top w/such zeal wanting it. Poor things got flakes all their life with an occasional wild pea if I thought they were constipated. They love it, everyday! Haven’t seen the stringy poop since! That garlic water is amazing.

      I will snap a pic tomorrow and see if I can get a good shot. Thanks!

  3. Venus October 16, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Stringy pooh is the sign of a poor diet. You’re feeding peas? Remove the shells, dry the peas on a paper towel, and then marinate them in garlic water. Just chop up a clove, and pour 1 ounce of tank water over the garlic. Let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. Pour the aged garlic water over the peas. I would feed nothing but for five to 10 days. Let’s see if that helps. If not, we’ll need to cleanse the tract

    Some pumps are louder than others. Pick up a flat aquarium (black) filter sponge, and place beneath the pump to quiet it. Rinse this sponge every time you rinse out the one on the pump

  4. Venus October 16, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Should warn you that some websites recommend using salt all of the time, but salt is stressful to the organs, and should be used in moderation, and only when needed. Bad bugs quickly build an immunity to it, and it becomes pointless. People use it in an effort to control bad bacteria, but what they don’t know; oxygenated water is the key. This is why our rivers and ponds are healthy. The water is oxygenated

    • Lil Dipper October 20, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      Goodness, you are right! The healthy moving oxygenated water has DEFINITELY given them a much better environment for recovery. As soon as I began using the pond pump, things started happening for the better.
      I’ve used salt right in the aquarium before w/o having any foresight of what the heck I was doing or what it was good for!!! I really don’t know how they made it this long with me!! I just thought here ya go, have some salt. HAHAHA! But I’ve never OD’d them with it or have done only a few times in their life in the tank.

      I’m still kinda curious as to how they might “like” a salt bath, but for right now, I’m seeing an overall improvement in all of them. Not completely out of the woods but def signs of real improvement. Gina still has the bulging eye, but it’s not as bad. It’s going down. Not seeing the stretched out edge anymore. The white one still has a red vein in the tail, but you’d never know he’s sick w/anything, he’s very active and doesn’t act ill. I’ve also been keeping the light off more and just letting natural light come in and go out as the day turns to night. My thinking is they do need good sleep to get well.

      Thank you so much for all this wonderful information and help. It has def carried me through this bout of illness and realizing just how terrible their water conditions were. There’s so much more to learn though so I really must get your book. I’m fascinated at what I’ve been missing out on!

  5. Venus October 16, 2017 at 9:56 am

    Yes, whatever the cause of the bumps, we should see an improvement, unless the bumps are ich of course. If this is the case, try the garlic and salt combined; very powerful. Garlic destroys bad bacteria and parasites, while enhancing the health of the fish. No matter what type of bad bug you’re dealing with; past or present, they all prefer water low in value; poor in quality. Since the value of your water is excellent right now, bad bugs will have a hard time getting a foothold

    Oxygen destroys bad bugs on contact, and they can’t build resistance. The frayed fins were due to bad bugs in the water. You wouldn’t have needed the meds if your water had been properly oxygenated. Oxygenated water improves the immunity of the fish and the environment it lives in. The chemicals in the meds you used does the very opposite; destroying a healthy

    Using water treatment, remedies or salts will not injure friendly bugs. These things help to create a healthier environment that the fish and the friendly bugs thrive in

    • Lil Dipper October 20, 2017 at 8:12 pm

      Yes, the water parameters all look good and the water is so clear. I feel like they are really on the mend due to better water conditions only. Only doing small water changes here and there and keeping an eye on it daily. Things are happening for the better. Tank is def beginning to cycle. The pond pump is DEF a plus!!! Wow, After putting it in, only a couple days later the whole tank looked so clear! It’s great! The one I got is 254 GPH. It could be a little bit stronger but seems to be doing a good job.

      I remember you telling me to skip the OOE in a few months. Should I get another pump for the other side of the tank? They really seem to dig that little pole! LOL They have fun swimming around it and love getting food off the sponge.

      Have another question: the pole came with some attachments, mainly for like a fountain effect, so I don’t use them, but what it also came with was this little baffled looking tube that seems to lessen the strength of the flow when it hits the surface. Like its smaller OD at the bottom of the tube and a bit wider OD at the top of the tube. I have been using this. It does create some action on the surface, but not strongly. Should I take it off and use just the straight tube? I can extend it until it hits the surface and there is more pressure so it does move the surface more, I just kinda liked the other thing and the way it kinda comes out. But IDK, maybe it’s only good for the sprinkler fitting.

      I’m SO glad I found your website. I really need to buy your book! I feel like my fish have a new lease on life. Wish I knew about all this sooner! Thank you : )

  6. Venus October 15, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    The bumps; are they raised areas or just discoloration? Have you given the salt bath? Were you able to examine the fish more closely?

    It’s really hard to say without more info. From the photos it’s hard to say. It’s very possible the meds are the source. The little bumps on the fins are commonly seen in older fish, and nothing to worry about

    The droopy tail fin or a collapsed dorsal fin indicates the fish isn’t feeling well. I noticed her dorsal was up mostly. All fish pull their fins close to the body periodically. The fins are like a cat’s tail, giving away its emotions, which goldfish have, just like our other pets

    The sunken area may be due to weight loss. Maybe the fish isn’t eating well lately. High nitrates cause fish to lose their appetites. I think it will be feeling better in no time at all

    • Lil Dipper October 16, 2017 at 8:27 am

      No salt bath as of yet. Was going to try it today but I’d like to get a small tank, so I’ll get that today, along w/a thermometer.

      They’re looking well this morning, but they always seem to be best in the morning. Well, the older I get, that’s my best time of day, too! LOL

      So if I pour the salt bath water back into the aquarium, could I possibly mess up the cycle I’ve got going? Also going to see if they have a Nitrite/Nitrate test. My ammonia test only shows the total of all three in the color palette ranging from yellow to green. It’s consistently in the yellow for a few days now, but the strip test shows the nitrite/ nitrate. I’m really happy to see zero nitrite and a tinge of nitrate. So it seems the cycle is beginning. Going to keep close eye on this daily.

      Another thing concerning me is the vibration of the pump, although it is rather quiet, I can feel the vibration on their tank, and this is new to them. Put my hand on the glass and it is humming along w/the pump. I am rather pleased with the size and action of this pump, could be a little stronger, but in your experience are there pumps out there that do not give off any vibration in a tank? This does sit on rubber feet, but that things are not built in. I wasn’t happy when I tried to re-position and all the feet stuck to the floor! (then the pump was running and went outside the tank for a moment, I did this twice! Ug) so I’m not sure if it’s because of these puny detachable rubber feet.
      Most of the pumps advertise how quiet they are, but quiet vs vibrate kinda go hand in hand. The ads for the pumps are always in their favor, but I think one would have to be the judge of that in person and trying out lots of different pumps is not feasible. So do you know of one that is tried and true w/low vibration? This one is made by LifeGard. Quiet One 800.

      I fed them some peas this morning. Gina eats what’s slowly falling, but the other two, if they don’t catch it they scrounge the bottom, but Gina doesn’t do this at all. She sure used to, at least before this whole meltdown. This is another symptom of feeling unwell, I guess. I did see slight improvement after medication, but the water quality had to be built back up. I thought this would resolve, but seem to have taken a step back, mostly for her. Yes, I do realize you use all natural remedies, which I like alot. Everything is pure. But i must admit there’s a side of me that does believe in the medication because it has gotten me through a couple illnesses of fin rot, and years ago the big orange one got popeye. They resolved from Maracyn II, but I do actually consider the instance as being ‘lucky’ because I know they’re poison. I used the minimum application, never over-dosing, but rather undercutting since my gallon size didn’t equal the exact dose. But THIS time, using the Marycyn was a shock to them all and caused a really bad situation, so I opted for the Kanaplex/Metroplex and it did seem to pull them all out. Except Gina. She’s kinda going backwards, so yes, I want to try the salt bath, and yes, I do believe in natural therapies too, but I never really knew of any! Like Garlic? Ha, I would’ve never known!

      I will be back later after I go shopping. Thank you!

    • Lil Dipper October 16, 2017 at 8:40 am

      The bumps look like little pimples?? Not too terribly noticeable, but def not the smoothness she used to have. Also seems her coloration is slightly faded in patches. My goal is to see her return to her normal colorful happy self. It’s a quandary, but I’m going to work towards that.

    • Lil Dipper October 20, 2017 at 7:58 pm

      Hi Venus,
      I did go out to get the small aquarium, but kinda busy so I thought to do it the next day. As I watched them that evening, I felt I saw a slight improvement in Gina/Ginos swimming pattern. Less droopy. Good sign, so they went to bed. The next morning I made some peas and I added a smooshed garlic clove to the water. My goodness, they acted like they hadn’t been fed in days!
      Things were looking so well that day that I didn’t opt for the saltwater bath. And since then, they are looking much better. The white one was chasing Gina again but then stopped after I fed them some more peas. So for the past couple of days their appetites have really improved and Gina’s coloring looks so much better!
      Could this be the garlic? I’ve never given them garlic anything. They’re not eating the garlic but it’s boiled w/the peas, so I know they think it tastes different and they really like it.
      I think things are beginning to look up!
      They do still have those bumps. I don’t know what they are. Don’t look like bugs or fungus, but like you said, maybe a wart. I do have a pretty good camera but I just can’t snap one that is perfectly clear. I’ll try it again though.

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