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Cleaning goldfish tank is a simple task if you do it the right way

Cleaning goldfish tank is much easier than you ever knew. New goldfish keepers catch up the fish, and place it a bucket, before removing the dirty fish water; one bucket at a time. Next, the filters are cleaned under hot tap water. Gravel is swished around with a hand until the waste, or most of it, is gone down the drain. Quite the task, because water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, with the aquarium itself being quite a chore to lug around

Now, everything is spic and span

I know, because I used to do the same with my thirty gallon tank. It was back breaking, and I was staring to resent my fish. In time, as the fish grew, surviving my terrible fish keeping skill, I upgraded to an eighty gallon stock tank. I though having more water would mean fewer water changes, however, this wasn’t the case

Cleaning goldfish tank

It wasn’t long before I learned how to perform a proper water change, or should I say, a proper partial water change. The goldfish remain in their fish house. A small portion of water was removed and replaced with treated fresh water. Reason being; the idea is to create a healthy ecosystem, however, this is impossible with 100% water changes

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Goldfish House Cleaning

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Koi Goldfish house cleaning should be a part of our weekly maintenance Just like the house you live in, your goldfish house gets cluttered and dirty over time. There's more to goldfish house cleaning than a water change. Even though you regularly vacuum the gravel and exchange water, grunge builds up, hiding under the items in your aquarium or pond When we vacuum our floors, the dust bunnies under the couch often go unnoticed, the gunk on top of the fridge forgotten and the ring around the tub left for another day. We all do it, and that's okay. There are more important things than having a perfectly clean home, but we also know that when our house is dirty, it can effect our health, and the same is true with our goldfish Goldfish house cleaning Make it a point to do a thorough cleaning in your fish house at least once a month. No, this doesn't mean performing a 100% water change. It means lift those decorations and vacuum beneath them. If they're hollow, rinse in steaming hot water to destroy any bad bacteria building up in the cavity; a favorite spot for bad bugs Koi house cleaning The roots of plants, real or fake are another favorite location for bad bugs. Pull your plants from the gravel or from their container and give them a dip in salt water. Real plants harboring bad bugs will wither and die in a short time, which leads to an unhealthy environment Goldfish house cleaning If you have pond pumps, lift the pump and gravel beneath it or move it a few inches A clean fish house is a healthy fish house you've heard it said, but don't over clean. Waste is the foundation of a natural ecosystem. One of the biggest mistakes goldfish keepers make is performing 100% water changes and cleaning their filters and pumps 10 Steps to Goldfish and Koi Keeping All rights Author: Brenda Rand

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