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Goldfish care is much more than sprinkling flakes in a bowl

Most people believe goldfish care is simple. They believe goldfish are cheap to keep also. Clean the bowl once a week, or whenever it looks dirty. Goldfish may be the most difficult to keep of the freshwater fish family. They require more more space over the years because they never stop growing. They need room to grow

Caring for Goldfish

Caring for goldfish is labor intense. Unlike other freshwater fish, they produce high levels of nitrates due to the amount of waste they produce. Their fish house needs more than a standard filter. They need pond pumps. Their houses must be open to fresh air so the water can breathe. They require heavily oxygenated water due this extreme amount of waste. Increased waste leads to increased levels of Co2. Carbon dioxide is a gas created from waste

Caring for goldfish

That being said, goldfish are the sociable of the freshwater fish; the most lovable. If you learn everything you can about them, you’ll have many years to enjoy their company. They live longer than dogs and cats if cared for properly

Goldfish Keeping

If you’re thinking of getting a goldfish, read and learn about them first. Make sure you’re prepared to sacrifice time, labor and money before you invest in a two dollar fish

10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping

Oxygenating Water

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Oxygenating Water takes more than a bubble wand STEP 6 Buy the Book Oxygenating water will take much more than a bubble wand. By method of diffusion, moving water pulls oxygen from the air above its surface, oxygenating it, although, the water must be free. On the list of these items that take up space, keeping oxygen from entering is Co2; first and foremost. Carbon dioxide (along with other types of gases in trace amounts) are created from waste which goldfish produce in large quantities. Waste sits on the bottom, and this is where you'll find Co2 in abundance. This is why we see goldfish in slow moving water, swimming closer to the surface than the bottom. By nature, goldfish are bottom dwellers Goldfish and beneficial bacteria alike thrive in heavily oxygenated water, unlike bad bugs. They can't tolerate oxygen Running a close second are clouds; bad bacteria clouds (bacteria blooms) form when conditions are unhealthy, and then we have super saturated gases; created by the pressure in tap water. Last but not lease we have algae blooms; green water algae. These are the things that push oxygen out of water Goldfish care Green water algae is free floating, taking up valuable space in the water, however, you will not see this type of algae in water that is moving. Water action forces algae on to substrate, clearing the body of water. A bacteria bloom also takes up space in water, although it's most commonly seen in water that has little or no movement How to oxygenate water Aquariums are more at risk for decreased oxygen levels than ponds because the surface is small compared to the body of water, and often covered Oxygenating water is more complicated than adding an air pump, or bubblers as we like to call them. It is a myth that bubblers or bubble wands have the capability to oxygenate water. This piece of equipment releases air bubbles into the water that shoot to the surface and pop, releasing the oxygen back into the air. Imagine the surface of your tank as a wall; a bubble wand or even two is like knocking a small hole in the wall. The entire wall must come down in order for fish to breathe Carbonate mineral, or KH is vital to oxygenating water, as this mineral gives water the ability to support oxygen. Without it, life cannot exist. Every natural body of water that supports life has sufficient levels of carbonate mineral. The comfort zone is 70 to 120 ppm, but the higher side is preferred for goldfish in aquariums Exposing the surface to fresh air, healthy carbonate mineral levels, and moving water. Together, these three things oxygenate water Goldfish information Goldfish absorb oxygen from the water by taking it in through their mouths and pushing it out through their gills. During this process oxygen is absorbed from the water and into the bloodstream as it passes over the rake. This organ does the same job that our lungs do, only in a different [...]

Goldfish Keeping

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Learn all about goldfish keeping and Koi Buy the book Goldfish keeping is a most enjoyable hobby if you learn how to care for them properly. It's a myth that goldfish can be kept successfully in bowls. Goldfish grow rapidly throughout their lives and they require growing room. It's also a myth that goldfish do not need filtered or aerated water. Goldfish are river fish, If we are to keep them healthy we must provide a pond like environment. Learn everything you can about goldfish, so that you can provide proper goldfish Koi care Goldfish information The goldfish information you find on the net may be misleading. All too often it's copied from one site to the next without any research. Don't assume the information you have found is true. Use your common sense when it comes to your goldfish. The information on this site has been researched, not from other goldfish sites, but through hands on experience Koi Keeping Many years ago, when my fish were dying one after another, I followed the instructions I found online, but it didn't help. One day, I had an idea to research the history of the goldfish. I found out they come from the cold and fast moving rivers of China. I worked on recreating the same environment, and my fish began to thrive Keeping goldfish By creating a natural and healthy ecosystem in your goldfish tank or pond, no matter the size, your fish can thrive also. Goldfish need water that is rich in mineral value; water that is heavily oxygenated. If you want your fish to live and grow, read the 10 steps to goldfish and Koi keeping. Follow each and every step, and this will lead you to a healthy environment for your fish Goldfish care Goldfish care is much easier than you think. Most new goldfish keepers exchange all of the tank water at one time, scrubbing everything down. This action destroys the ecosystem. An ecosystem consists of healthy microorganisms that help keep the environment safe. Exchanging all of the water eliminates these friendly bugs. Most new goldfish keepers believe that waste  dirties the water and is unhealthy for the fish, but the opposite is true. From waste, ammonia is created. Waste is food source for friendly bugs goldfish keeping Most new goldfish keepers sprinkle flakes on the surface, once or twice a day, but in the wild, goldfish are known to be bottom feeders. Feeding from the surface causes digestive issues due to the intake of air 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi keeping Use organic tonics and remedies All rights reserved Author: Brenda Rand

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