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Goldfish large lump on body

Goldfish large lump on body could be super saturated gases; located top side. Gases are caused by pressure found in tap water. Eliminate SSG. Work freshwater over before adding to fish house. Let the water hit hard to break up the tiny bubbles. Install a pond pum in your freshwater bucket. Performing large water changes without removing SSG causes a multitude of issues

SSG is inhaled by the fish, and absorbed into the bloodstream. Bubbles cluster together beneath the tissue, looking much like a tumor. Touch it. Is it soft and squishy; smooth to the touch? If so, that’s SSG

Supersaturated gases

Lumps that are actual tumors are firm to the touch. Nothing to do but raise water quality and treat with a natural remedy. Don’t worry, because most tumors are non malignant

Lumps with rough texture are likely warts; common in goldfish, however, easily removed. Treat with garlic remedy or salt and garlic combined

Natural remedies

Goldfish Tumors

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Goldfish tumors on body Buy the book Goldfish tumors on body may be a simple issue. You may not know it, but your tap water is filled with supersaturated gases produced by pressure in the lines. This pressure helps water travel the distance from the reservoir to our homes. These concentrated amounts of oxygen can fill a body of water suffocating fish. They are easily absorbed into the blood stream where they cluster beneath the skin, looking much like tumors. The eyes and upper side of the body is where you'll find them Goldfish large lump Supersaturated gases are often a problem when large water changes are a being performed. The tiny bubbles may not be noticeable as they move about freely in the water, but they make their presence known by clinging to the fish, the walls of the aquarium, plants and decorations Goldfish covered growths These gases are easy to eliminate by breaking up these tiny bubbles. Work your freshwater over by pouring it. Let it hit the freshwater bucket hard. It will take more than a few pours to remove the gases. Add a pond pump to your freshwater bucket to disperse these gases. Let it run for a few days before using Goldfish and Koi affected by SSG exhibit similar symptoms as nitrate poisoning. You may see them sitting pressed to the bottom of the aquarium. You may even see them curl due to the pressure the air caused by the gases. These gases often accumulate in the eye socket, causing the eye to bulge. Although SSG isn't the only cause of bulging eye, it's the most common Most goldfish keepers are unaware of SSG Lumps goldfish body Test freshwater for SSG by scooping water up in a clear glass. Let it sit for one hour. Do you see tiny bubbles forming on the glass? If so, keep pouring The fish in the photo below has a lump on its dorsal fin caused by SSG goldfish tumors The fish in the photo below has warts Goldfish has lump or tumor In most cases the fish makes a full recovery just by eliminating the supersaturated gases from the water If the lumps on your fish are firm to the touch, and have a rough texture, your fish has warts. Warts are very common with goldfish and Koi, however, they're easy to eliminate by using Sea Salt and Garlic Remedy Other types of lumps that may be actual masses, cancerous or noncancerous have been treated successfully using Garlic Remedy and Aloe Remedy combined Refer to: Bubble Disease Supersaturated Gases Back to Diagnose symptoms and treat All rights Author: Brenda Rand

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