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Goldfish pop eye typically caused by low oxygen levels in water

Goldfish pop eye is not uncommon in the industry. Most goldfish keepers are unaware of their fish’s needs when it comes to water quality. The most common parameter is pH; potential of hydrogen, however, there’s more to pH than meets the eye. All too often goldfish keepers look only at pH to determine the health of water

Thought to be foundation of alkalinity, pH is misunderstood by even the best goldfish keepers. The term, potential of hydrogen is the key. Potential, indicating the water’s capability. This critical parameter is made up of oxygen and carbonate mineral combined. It’s possible to have a high pH that is dependent solely on carbonate mineral; KH, however, this doesn’t mean the water will support life

Carbonate mineral should be measured first and foremost to determine if pH is healthy. The comfort zone for KH is 120 to 160 ppm. When KH is in this range, but pH is low, this indicates oxygen levels are low

Most goldfish keepers understand that fish water must be oxygenated, but this too is misunderstood. Learn all about oxygenating water

Bulging Eye

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Bulging eye goldfish emergency Bulging eye on goldfish 911. What brought me to your site was one of my fish having a bulging eye. This started months ago, or so it seems, but at first it was nothing alarming because another one got this (both eyes) but it went away. It took a while but it did.   But after a while, with this fish, it began to bug me. Till one day 'he' he began to look unwell. So I did a filter wash and partial water change as usual. (I've had these fish for about 8 years) After a few more days things just didn't look right. So I thought to treat the tank w/Maracyn II - that's when it all went downhill and panic mode came on. Goldfish pop eye All three of my fish were like OMG what is that? Are you trying to kill me!!! They all sunk to the bottom looking horrific - so I went berzerk, I filled a bin with water and scooped them out. They were "OK" but I seriously had to get that crap out of the water, so i did an entire water change. In the midst of all this I read the packaging had an Expire date of 2016!! I had used some old stuff rather than the new. I have some that's 2019. Well by the time I got them back in their tank, they were at least swimming around, but now ALL three had red streaks in their tails. Not a good sign. But why! Poison? I have read that out of date Tetracycline is not good (it's Minocycline so not the same) but I had to wonder if the rule applied. Goldfish bulging eye Now all 3 were ill and all because one fish had a bulging eye and all I knew to do was treat for Popeye, and Maracyn II was for that. So after reading around, I found that Maracyn (the plain one) (Erythromycin) will help popeye too. So I tried it. I stuck to it and it seemed to be agreeable. But after a few days I saw no real improvement. So I tried Kanaplex and Metroplex. This seemed to actually make a difference. They were more active and less sickly looking. I followed directions to a T. You have to stop for a few days to start another round of doses. I did this 3X and that was enough. I couldn't keep going on with this. All the while I knew I was dealing with practically a new tank that needed cycling. So I was doing water changes regularly and watching the test strips and checked ammonia. All stayed in check. They are in a 36 gallon tank w/Marineland 200 filter, with only a filter pad. I've never used carbon. So that's about this time I discovered this website and I've been working on water quality issues more vigorously since. It's def given them all a big improvement. I've always [...]

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