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The nitrogen cycle will take place in any body of water where waste is present

You can try keeping the nitrogen cycle from occurring, but it won’t be easy. Some goldfish keepers rely on products that are designed to absorb ammonia. If no ammonia is present, there will be no friendly bugs to form. These products are faster to leach on to other substances you might be using in your aquarium, such as water treatment, remedies or buffering substances. They are slow to grab on to ammonia. Once the products fill, it can no longer absorb any substance at all. Your fish will be at great risk if you depend on these substances

Withholding food from goldfish

Some goldfish keepers feed less food in hopes of less ammonia forming, but this is cruel. A favorite past time of goldfish and Koi is eating. The fact is, the nitrogen cycle was designed by Mother Nature. You can’t fight it, so you might as well work with it. Your fish house will be a much healthier place with the nitrogen cycle in progress. Good bugs kill bad bugs on contact

Using carbon goldfish aquariums

Learn everything you can about the nitrogen cycle by reading the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping


Amquel Plus

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Amquel Plus converts dangerous toxins to a safe form Amquel plus converts 2 ppm of ammonia and nitrite per dose. I bought a bottle of Amquel Plus the other day. But I haven't used it, and don't seem to need to use it, but that one touch of nitrate, that is so low though, I don't want to interrupt if a cycling is occurring, but wonder if getting rid of any trace of it may help. Water treatment converts ammonia and nitrite Prime is all I've been using. I really hated to use it though because it stinks so bad, but so many people say it's so good for cycling and water changes. Wish I had it on hand when I had that reading of ammonia. Wanted to let you know I have it now. I remember you asking me if I had Prime or Amquel. This is actually Amquel Plus. It's all they had. Nitrogen cycle

Water Treatment

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Water treatment for aquariums and ponds  STEP 5 Buy the Books Water treatment is used to neutralize chlorine and chloramines. Cities add cleaning agents to prevent harmful bacteria growth, making water safe to drink, however, both chemicals are dangerous to fish and friendly bugs that create the nitrogen cycle Combined ammonia; referred to as chloramines; gives the agent staying power in large cities Chlorine is a liquid gas, and is easily eliminated from water by exposing it to fresh air; Add a simple pond pump to your freshwater bucket. Oxygen destroys chlorine on contact. The process takes up to 24 hours Chloramines, also referred to as combined ammonia, is just that, ammonia combined with chlorine. The only difference between the ammonia used to disinfect our tap water, and the ammonia created from waste is the latter is ionized. Ammonia becomes ionized when enzymes are present. Enzymes initiate change, which allows beneficial bacteria to feed on it. The insignificant amount of ammonia found in chloramines will not injure your fish, and will quickly become consumed by friendly bugs. Whether you have chlorine or chloramines in your tap, water treatment does not need to be used to convert either one Goldfish care Chemicals found in water treatment: Sulfur dioxide, bisulfites, hydrosulfites, aqueous solution buffered at pH 8 with ameliorating ingredients and reducing agents are all chemicals used to create water treatment Although relatively safe in low amounts for healthy fish, these substances burn fish that have little or no slime coat due to living in an unhealthy environment. Use a product that enhances or builds slime coat when using increased amounts of water treatment. Slime coating can be increased by giving the fish a Sea Salt Remedy Salt irritates their skin, causing them to secrete a protective coating Read more about slime coat Aloe Remedy is another means of increasing the slime coat as your fish receive many other benefits as well A healthy slime coat helps reduce the risk of infection as well as avoid poisoning by water treatment. Goldfish with a healthy slime coat are more tolerant to low levels of ammonia, high KH levels and disease in general Warning: Do not use Stress coat water treatment for increasing slime coat when cycling a tank or pond. Stress coat contains only trace amounts of aloe and increased amount of treatment may put the fish at risk Read the label of your water treatment bottle. Some treatments convert only chlorine and chloramines while some convert metals as well. Other treatments convert ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. You may combine water treatments if caution is used to avoid overdosing Type water treatments There are water treatments that raise or lower general and carbonate hardness levels, while some treatments lower these same mineral values. This can also be done by using products found at the grocery store. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) raises (GH) general hardness. Distilled or R.O. water lowers GH levels. Bicarbonate of soda raises (KH) carbonate mineral hardness. Vinegar lowers KH levels Nitrogen cycle Noted on treatment label; water treatment has the capacity to bind to a specific amount of substance per [...]

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