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      Are your Koi pr goldfish in distress? Is your goldfish or Koi exhibiting symptoms? If so, start a thread, title it, and create a post describing your fish's behavior. Please list all of the information possible about your set up and maintenance habits
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    • Diagnose Goldfish Symptoms and Treat
      Is your goldfish sick? Is your Koi sick. If so, we will diagnose goldfish symptoms and treat or recommend treatment. In order for us to help you help your fish we'll need as much information as possible. Please answer the questions found here, and then cut and paste both questions and answers into your post
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    • Give US your Fish
      Follow the progress and or comment on goldfish that have been given to goldfish emergency. Most of these fish have health issues that will be addressed and treated. When the fish has fully recovered (documented here) it will be available for purchase (highest bidder with no minimum bid) by any member that holds the forum title Goldfish Keeper  
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      You'll find eight years worth of forum posts (that's a lot of posting) in our old forum archives. Even though it's read only, it's a treasure trove of valuable information on diagnosing and treating sick fish as well as general health care The link below has been broken, but we hope to fix soon Click here to read Old Forum Archives
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