Death of a Goldfish or Koi

DEATH of a Goldfish or Koi can beĀ devastating

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If you find your goldfish lifeless, it may not be dead, but just unconscious; try to revive the goldfish before giving up on it. Just like other creatures big and small, goldfish can lose consciousness and can even be deprived of oxygen for long periods of time before being revived successfully. There’s a chance your fish can be revived by giving it a salt bath

Try reviving your fish by following the instructions found hereĀ Class A symptoms

Goldfish Floating and lifeless

It is startling; even shocking when we stumble across one of our goldfish floating and lifeless. Even though the goldfish is a lesser life form than a cat or a dog; we humans can become very attached, feeling grief stricken at the loss. Quite often we blame ourselves for the death of a goldfish because these little creatures are entirely dependent upon us, but don’t; if the lesson is learned, your experience has heightened and if used will benefit other goldfish that might not have survived otherwise

Reviving a Goldfish

Take heart in the fact that you tried. Persistence is omnipotent

If your goldfish survives; learn everything you can about these amazing and delicate creatures, and if it doesn’t; try again if you don’t have other goldfish

10 Steps to Goldfish & Koi Care

death of a goldfish
Death of a goldfish

Euthaninzing Goldfish

Why Goldfish Die

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Author: Brenda Rand