Goldfish Distress

Goldfish distress please help

Goldfish distress need help. We inherited a goldfish from a friend who was moving out of state. The fish lived in a bowl which I immediately upgraded, however, the kids wanted to add two very small tropical fish (I think red fin?).  Goldfish was very happy in 10 gallon tank and doing well for about 10 months, however, it was time to upgrade to a 55 gallon (still be very much a novice with aquariums) Please help goldfish distress

Goldfish distress

He was doing well for the first month or two in his new home, and we added a few more small tropical’s for the kids.  One day a neon tetra went missing.  Not sure what happened to his body.

I believe earlier the same day we had added 2 algae eaters and one immediately died in the tank, which I recovered.

One night my wife said goldfish wasn’t eating, and he was usually the pig in the tank!  (He was stretching his mouth out a lot).   The next day or two he appeared very scared of his surroundings and occasionally was darting around.  We kept an eye on things.   Very soon, it looked like his eyes were beginning to get Popeye.  We got him out of the tank with a net (probably bad idea looking back) and put him in a hospital tank.

Tried these medicines in this order.

API Salt



Maracyn 2


He seemed to be doing better then got white spots on his back fin.  I tried the 84F/salt for two week program.  About 11-12 days into this program, I noticed he was getting pop eye again.  I started with the Macacyn 2 but wasn’t seem to be helping.  I was doing 25-50 water changes daily.

Goldfish pouting

A few days passed and he was getting a black/ash like color on his top/back fin.  Then it progress to no swimming laying on bottom, then falling on side and staying there for days breathy heavy and not eating.

Still doing water changes, no salt now, as I read this type of salt could be bad for him.  And just focusing on Metronidazole.   He still is in bad shape and not upright on bottom often.  He’s gill bone and face area seem really puffy, as well as his tummy (could be a female too, don’t know).

Hopefully I will be able to attached a few pictures to this scenario.