Goldfish looks pine cone

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  • Goldfish looks pine cone indicates it may have fever or water is too warm

Goldfish looks pine cone, or has raised scales is the fish making an effort to cool its body temperature. Referred to as pine-coning, it may be in water that is too warm, or it may have infection. Goldfish are cold blooded and cannot
tolerate high temperatures. If you believe your fish is suffering from infection do not use medicinal antibiotics. Instead, use natural antibiotics. The harsh chemicals sold at the pet shop may push your fish over the edge as well as destroy the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium or pond that create the nitrogen cycle

Goldfish looks pine cone

Test water temperature. Comfort zone is (64f to 74f)

Goldfish scales raised

Lower water temps to 54f by chilling tank water in the fridge and or the freezer
Pour all around slowly; refill and repeat

Freeze (smooth) stones (appropriately sized) and place them in the fish house periodically

If indoors, set up a fan so that it hits the fish house and skims the surface

Fish house should be open so the surface is exposed to fresh air

Goldfish pine-coning

If the temperatures have been in the comfort zone, your fish has a fever caused by infection. Most infections are caused by poor water quality, long term organ failure, septicemia (blood poisoning) impacted eggs or long term constipation. The goldfish in the photo below is experiencing liver failure; once white, now turning yellow. Also notice it has black marks which are healing burns caused by ammonia, but it’s the organ failure causing the fever, causing the scales to lift

Goldfish scales sticking out

Goldfish looks pine coning

Any illness that causes infection has the potential to cause fever

goldfish looks pine cone
goldfish looks pine cone

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Recommend using

Aloe Remedy

Garlic Remedy

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