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Goldfish owners rely on bad information

Goldfish owners follow bad advice passed from website to website. This information may have been created by the industry, which makes sense, because the instructions we commonly see does not encourage a healthy ecosystem; far from it. The goal is to keep us dependent on the use of pet shop products. The average goldfish owner uses chemicals and medications in hopes of keeping their fish alive, however, it doesn’t work. The average lifespan of a goldfish kept by an experienced goldfish owner is two years. The average lifespan of a goldfish is 15 to 20 years

These same goldfish owners will argue their methods are the best. The lessons first learned are set in their minds like a hand print set in concrete. Some people believe everything they read. Generally, people are very close minded

An open mind is necessary to believe anything different than what is first learned. Over the years, I’ve been told I don’t know what I’m doing, that I’m wrong, and my theories are crazy. I’ve been told off and called names too many times to count, just because the information I provide is different than what they believe to be true

Goldfish products

Most goldfish websites you visit share the same set of values. Their fish are kept in enclosed aquariums set up with air pumps and or top loading filters. They use pet shop products laced with dangerous chemicals to keep their tanks free of bad bacteria. These same goldfish owners (I won’t give them the credit of calling them goldfish keepers) line the bottom of their tanks with painted pet shop gravel, marble, or worse, they have bare bottom tanks

I will give them credit for having large and beautiful goldfish, however, most of these fish reached maturity in a breeder’s tank, not their own. They pay top dollar because of it, and replace their fish frequently. Most of these breeders raise their fish in a consistent saline solution or medicated water. They too fight bad bacteria from rearing its ugly head in their improper set ups. These fish are all too often fed hormones to increase growth rate; as larger fish bring a larger profit

Even if these fish are sold to real goldfish keepers, their lifespan will be short due to their past history. The industry has little interest in the health of goldfish. Their goal is to make a profit, and that they do. Little do goldfish owners know that Mother Nature holds the key to keeping fish healthy. She’s designed the nitrogen cycle in order to keep our fish safe from ammonia and nitrite. She’s created algae in order to keep our fish safe from nitrates and provide them a healthy food source

Algae, nature’s gift to the world of aquatics, is considered to be grunge by goldfish owners. Marring their beautiful set up, they fight it in every way possible. Some however, fight the nitrogen cycle itself by performing constant water changes to eliminate ammonia, or by using products they believe will remove or keep the cycle from forming. These goldfish owners believe the cycle is the enemy, but the opposite is true

goldfish owners

The poor fish in the photo above was kept in a bare bottom tank which was also enclosed, keeping the surface from absorbing oxygen in the air above. Its health declining, the goldfish owner was at his wit’s end. Desperate to keep his old friend alive. He came to us with an open mind, following our lead. In a short time the fish made a full recovery

The top was removed. A real sea sponge was placed over a real pond pump, filtering the water from debris. Natural pea gravel and sea shells were added to increase and stabilize mineral value. Healthy water; healthy fish

Are you a goldfish owner or a goldfish keeper? If your choice is the latter, study the 10 Steps to Goldfish Koi Keeping and watch your fish thrive in the healthy environment you create

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Author: Brenda Rand


By Venus

Master goldfish keeper