Goldfish Parasites

//Goldfish Parasites

Goldfish Parasites

Goldfish parasites, ammonia or nitrate poisoning?

Goldfish parasites cause fish to itch and scratch on the substrate or decorations
Hello Venus! this is my first time posting but i need your help

My goldfish, Fineas, is 5 yrs old, a Fair fish, and has been healthy all this time until a month ago when i think he got ammonia burns (black smudges), a white coating, red veins on tail, white eyes, fin rot…you name it. I talked with two vets who’s own goldfish did not make it with the same symptoms, so they could not tell me much! I changed water frequently, added a small amount of salt to the tank as well as salt baths, bought testing tools, zeolite for the filters (i have a duo).

Goldfish parasites

During this time, he hung at the top of the tank but continued to eat and got black spots which are healing burns. I took the top off of the tank to allow more air. See 2 pics, fin3 & fineas, taken then. Since then, he’s recovering from that whole freak-me-out scene! which i feel good and thankful for. But, now I’m beginning to see a few small white spots on his coat at the top of his spine and on his tail. Since newFin, hard to get as he’s more energetic! I have other pics too. are these parasites? could they be scarring from the burns? issues with water?

Goldfish poisoned

I have a 30 gal tank, he’s the lone fish, a double filter, air stone, i only use live plants (anachris) that he loves (i took all the live plants out and threw them away for now). I continue to test for ammonia (use kit which tests at 0 – .1) and nitrate/ph/etc using strips. My ph and chlorine on the strip test in a caution zone. I’ve ordered your garlic/salt remedy but just want to do what’s best for Fineas rather than guessing-making things worse as he’s been through so much and survived me thus far! thank you

Parasites Goldfish Koi

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  1. Venus June 2, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Glad to hear it.

    I’m not really sure what you mean. Per treatment you would use one ounce of the remedy for every 10 gallons of water in your tank. For example, if your tank holds 30 gallons, you would use 3 ounces for one day’s treatment. If you’re going for the full three day treatment, you would use 3 ounces per day for three days straight. Perform the treatment for three days straight, and give it a rest for two to three weeks. The remedy will last if it’s refrigerated

    Have you added a pond pump to your set up?

    Keep in mind, although the remedies are pretty awesome, the water quality needs to be addressed or the conditions will worsen again and again. I’ll need to be reminded of your parameters, and if you’re getting a pond pump. I’m absent minded. lol

  2. Finneas June 2, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Hi Venus! the Sea Salt & Garlic Remedy is working wonders for Fineas’ energy and the white ‘stuff’ is disappearing. i used it for 3 consecutive days as a treatment (1 oz to 10 gal solution). i’m curious: may i use the whole 10 gallon remedy solution as part of my next water change? or is 10 gallons too much at once right now…?

  3. Venus May 29, 2017 at 7:33 am

    Thanks so much for the kudos; much appreciated. We don’t always get people so enthusiastic, and willing to do something a little different. I love the health tonic. I customize the ingredients for what is ailing the fish. In this case; lemon grass, aloe, and dandelion will make up the remedy

    KH should be at 120 to 140 ppm, so if levels are at 120, there’s no reason to buffer. These test kits are really persnickety. Be sure to read instructions carefully to get an accurate result. Every kit is a little different from the next. The last API strip test I bought, the KH results show instantly. Practice makes perfect

    Have I recommended the pitcher method of removing Co2 from water. Carbon dioxide is created from waste, and takes up space in the water, keeping oxygen from entering. The pond pumps you’ve ordered will eliminate these gases for you, but for now, push a pitcher deep into the water filling it. Bring it up and pour the water back in. Repeat this action several times to clear the water of gases manually. Repeat 10 to 15 times two to three times daily

    The diet sounds great. How many times do you feed a day? As far as fish are concerned, it’s better to feed less food more often. I feed four times a day. Goldfish by nature are constant grazers, and feeding them several times a day gives them something to do. In the wild, they eat nonstop if they’re awake. Feeding more often keeps your fish active, and keeps it from getting bored which leads to depression

    Do you have other fish or just the one? I believe depression takes its toll on goldfish kept alone. In the wild they swim in schools. It may sound crazy, but goldfish are very sociable, and bond closely to other fish. I would wait until the fish is over the hump if you decide to get another; if this is the case

    Also wanted to ask; does your tank have substrate? The bottom side of the fish tells the story (great photos by the way) From the looks of the fish, I might guess there’s no substrate or perhaps sand. Bad bacteria thrive in sand, and bare bottom tanks cause abscesses, although, I can’t really explain why. Maybe the bad bacteria are attracted to the glass; not sure

    I recommend natural pea gravel. You can purchase at any lawn and garden center. The gravel adds to the mineral value of water. Recommend 1/4 to 1/2″ layer. This real gravel and is typically dirty so be prepared to rinse if you decide to use

    If you don’t have gravel, your fish will be thrilled with the addition. Goldfish love nothing more than pecking through gravel for that leftover morsel. It’s a favorite past time. You’ll need a gravel vacuum if you don’t have one. This too takes practice. Gravel gives waste and leftover food a place to rest, keeping the water clear. You vacuum the waste, and this helps maintain a healthy environment

  4. Finneas May 28, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    Excellent on the pond pump, thank you so much! I changed 20% water today with fresh water with the garlic remedy. i let everything settle down and tested again: GH; still about 300. KH: was 120. PH: about 7.4. I will take the wood out immediately! I made enough garlic remedy for 2 more treatments. Should i add the baking soda during this time as well or wait a few days until the garlic treatment is finished? I also fed him peas this evening! he loved them! YOU’RE A-MAZING! i will do a few everyday as a meal. his meals are also brine shrimp and goldfish crisps for another. He seems better! i can’t thank you enough, Venus. Everyone who has any questions about goldfish should pour over this site and order your products.

  5. Venus May 28, 2017 at 10:16 am

    One of these pumps would get the job done

    You would need two of these pumps

    Every pond pump needs a sponge covering the intake. The sponge keeps the pump and the water clear. You’ll need to rinse the sponge in old tank water once a week. You can buy an aquarium safe sponge at the pet shop or my favorite is the sea sponge. If you obtain the first pump with basket over the intake, place the sponge over, not in the basket. You can buy or fashion your own cylinder shaped sponge making it easy to take on and off. No rubber band is necessary. The smaller pumps; you’ll need to fasten sponges over the intake with a rubber band

    You can learn more about pond pumps and sponges here

    Let me know if you have any more questions

  6. Venus May 28, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Hard water is a term used for water with minerals. These minerals give water value that fish must have in order to maintain good health

    GH (general hardness) is made up mostly of magnesium and calcium. The comfort zone is 200 to 400 ppm, so you’re in great shape

    KH (carbonate mineral) gives water the ability to support life. This is the mineral used to measure alkalinity or acidity. The comfort zone (in my humble opinion) is 120 to 140 ppm. Adding wood to water adds tannin, which is acid. This method shouldn’t never be used to lower KH value, as it’s unpredictable. One day levels could be fine, but the next the levels could drop suddenly leading to a pH crash. This is the term we use when water is suddenly depleted of oxygen. KH, gives water the ability to support oxygen, and if the levels are too low, oxygen is too low

    Your KH should be raised a tad. Although levels of 80 ppm are acceptable, we want more than acceptable. We want excellent. Readings of 70. ppm is at the neutral zone; hovering between alkalinity and acidity

    Your pH looks good for having KH value of 80 ppm, but good is not good enough. We can’t settle for less. Readings of 8. to 8.4 ppm are preferred

    If you have baking soda (bicarbonate of mineral) on hand, let’s add one half teasoon to your next freshwater change. Mix in a cup of warm water to dissolve; even though it’s said that soda doesn’t actually dissolve, it will break down a bit. Premix in freshwater before a water change. A few hours after the water change, test KH. It will probably still be low, but we must use caution in raising this parameter, as it has the potential to burn fish if too high

    If still too low, scoop up a quart of tank water, add another half teaspoon after dissolving in warm water; pour in all around slowly, mixing with your hand as you do so. Test again in a few hours; repeat process if necessary

    Aim for 120 ppm

    You’ll have to test this parameter frequently. Buffer freshwater with every water change. If the freshwater bucket is always at 120 ppm, so will be the tank water

    Consider adding sea shells to your substrate. They’re rich in carbonate and calcium, and beautiful as well

    I’ll look around for a pump for your tank size, and post the link here

  7. Finneas May 28, 2017 at 8:07 am

    here’s my testing results this morning before any remedy or water treatments: GH: 300 (very hard). When we bought the bigger tank 2 years ago, the pet store said (also where i buy the anacris) that we can’t get away from hard water in our area. last year, I added a piece of wood to the tank to help, but it consistently measures between 150 – 300. KH: moderate 80. PH: alkaline 7.8. i’ll post the ‘after’ when i complete. Yes, i’d consider a pond pump for our 30 gallon tank. thank you

  8. Venus May 28, 2017 at 6:40 am

    Great. I have a buy two get one free going right now, so I’m going to slip an Oop Boost into your package. This treatment oxygenates water, helping to create an environment that bad bugs and parasites can’t tolerate. The increased oxygen levels will also help boost immunity of the fish

    If you haven’t already, consider investing in a real pond pump. Find them at your local lawn and garden store, or purchase online. If you need help choosing one let me know your tank size, and I’ll recommend

    No fish house is complete without a real pond pump

    Our remedies can make the difference between life and death if a fish is sick, but once the crisis is over, we shouldn’t have to depend on remedies for healthy water. Getting the set up right, knowing your water value, and buffering if necessary is the key to excellent fish health

    I’m wondering if one of the plants you introduced to the fish house may have been infected with parasites. It happens. Next time you add a plant to the aquarium, give it a salt dip. I’ll probably be writing a little article on the topic. I’ll be sure to post a link here for you. Plants are awesome. They make the aquarium look more natural, and feed on nitrates, keeping levels at bay. I think the fish really enjoy them too, especially the edible kind

    What is the water temperature in your fish house? Temps should be close to 72f during treatment. This increases the activity of the bad bugs, making them vulnerable. It also increases the flow of blood in the fish, giving it full benefit of the remedy

  9. Finneas May 27, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Thank you Venus! you quite obviously have great knowledge and compassion for our fish friends! i don’t have a master test kit but will purchase one asap and post the results you’re asking about. I’ll start the garlic remedy treatments as well. i read the 10 easy steps for goldfish keeping…very interesting and a lot of new information to put into play that i was misinformed on (depth of natural gravel, amount of water in tank, feeding of blanched peas, etc). i’ll order the Health Tonic immediately, as well. i’ve read the some goldfish can live a very long time, here’s hoping his keeper gets it together! Tammy

  10. Venus May 27, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Goldfish parasites, ammonia and nitrite poisoning

    Hi Tammy, Thanks so very much for joining us on the site; much appreciated

    Your little fish has been through the wringer, but it obviously has a strong will to survive, and that’s what it going to take, along with having a passionate goldfish keeper. Thankfully, it has that as well

    I can see evidence that ammonia and nitrite have been issues, but parasites and bad bacteria are a serious problem right now. These types of infections are encouraged by unhealthy water. Even though parasites must be introduced in an environment, they thrive in water low in value, so what we’re going to do is work on improving the ecosystem

    Do you have a master test kit? I would like to see KH, GH and pH results. All of these parameters are critical for recovery

    Let’s keep a close watch on ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. The fact is, fish that have been poisoned by one or all of these toxins become super sensitive, and won’t tolerate a repeat perform

    I believe the garlic remedy was a good choice for the fish. If possible, invest in the Health Tonic when you can. It’s pretty amazing, and just what the doctor ordered. I’ll make sure to add garlic to the ingredients. If parasites are an issue, larvae may be hatching within a few weeks

    If cost is an issue, please email me, and I’ll advise

    Have you read 10 Easy Steps to Goldfish Keeping? Follow each and every step, and if you do, things are gonna change for the better. You might think our methods strange, but keep an open mind

    Thanks again for posting, Venus

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