Red patches goldfish

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  • Red patches goldfish and red veins in tail fin

Red patches goldfish or broken blood vessels exhibited is a sign of nitrite poisoning; the second toxin to be converted in the nitrogen cycle, with nitrates being the end result. Both toxins are created by living organisms, however, ammonia is the first toxin to form; created by the waste our goldfish produce. Symptoms of nitrite poisoning are exhibited long after it has been converted, which explains why the toxin isn’t often held accountable for the deed

Twins; nitrites and nitrates both rob the blood of oxygen

A show of nitrites in a poorly managed aquarium or pond all too often lead to death, however, those fish living in a healthy environment have a much greater survival rate. Nitrates are found in every cycled aquarium or pond, although the presence of ammonia or nitrites indicates either a spike has occurred or the fish house has not completed the cycle. Either way, the fish are at risk

Red streak goldfish tail fin

Zero is the goal for ammonia and nitrites, however, nitrates are safe in low amounts. Only nitrates are present in a healthy ecosystem. Perform daily water changes while using water treatment to convert these toxins to a safe form when occurring

Friendly bugs form to feed on ammonia in a tank or pond that hasn’t completed the cycle, changing it nitrites, and then into nitrates

Goldfish spasms

Countless goldfish will be exposed to nitrites again and again, their keeper unaware of the nitrogen cycle. Learn everything you can about your fish as well as the environment they live in, so you can protect them from the toxins it produces

red patches goldfish

Work with Mother Nature, not against her

red patches goldfish

TEST nitrites

Test for ammonia, nitrite and also nitrates regularly

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Author: Brenda Rand


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