Goldfish turning white

  • Goldfish turning white with clamped fins may be caused by ammonia or KH poisoning

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Goldfish turning white may be caused by ammonia poisoning. Ammonia is the first toxin to form in the nitrogen cycle. Ammonia is created from waste, and is only present when there is an absence of beneficial bacteria in the environment, or a spike in the cycle has occurred. Goldfish have no tolerance for this toxin

Goldfish white patches

If ammonia levels are zero, test KH. the comfort zone if 100 to 140 ppm, although, goldfish can tolerate higher readings. If reading are over 160 ppm, use another test kit to compare the readings or take a sample to the pet shop. Ask for specific readings if you do.

If KH is higher than 160 ppm; use white vinegar to reduce by premixing 1/2 teaspoon per 10 gallons of fish water to freshwater during a water change; wait an hour and test again. If still too high, pull a gallon of fish water add vinegar accordingly and repeat until levels are lower to safe zone. Move slowly so as not to drop levels to danger zone. KH (carbonate mineral) is an equal part of pH, giving water the ability
to support life

Goldfish white blotches

Never add vinegar or other substances to your fish house water without diluting in tank or fresh water

If carbonate hardness (KH) is in the comfort zone, and ammonia levels are zero, the fish may have been very recently poisoned by ammonia that is no longer present, the spike over

Goldfish covered whitish marks

Both ammonia when present and KH when too high can burn fish, leaving white marks that later turn black as they’re healing. Symptoms can be present long after the fact because burns are slow to heal and painful. The internal parts of the gills may become inflamed, causing the oxygen deprivation

goldfish turning white

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