Big lump goldfish

//Big lump goldfish

Big lump goldfish

Big lump goldfish opposite side

Big lump goldfish on the opposite side now and it’s large. Over the last 2 weeks I have done:

Back to back garlic in the tank

Mint in the tank

Baths: 2 weeks ago: garlic and salt (2), mint and h2o2, h2o2 and 1 tsp salt, just h2o2 last night, with massages to the lump.

Lump is soft, but has no head. It’s all under the scales. No sign of pine-cone effect.

Started green garlic juice orally last night and she looked much perkier this a.m. Lump has stopped growing.

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  1. Venus May 23, 2017 at 7:03 am

    Salt bathes are risky, and I’m wondering if they’re necessary in this case. If you were able to squeeze the lump during a salt bath, you would probably be able to squeeze the lump during a garlic or H202 bath. The substances in the bath would be used to fight external infection after the squeeze. Garlic would also relax her during the treatment

    Didn’t we treat orally with the green juice? How long was the treatment? I would treat her three times a day. Get as much down the gullet as possible with each treatment. Perhaps a green bath as well mixed with mint

    Keep the treatment going until the bottle runs dry

    I know you’re making your own gel food, but what all is in it? Tof has Life probiotic powder, garlic powder, vitamin C, psyllium and seaweed; a powerful combination for building the immune system. The digestive Health remedy has green juice, garlic juice, aloe and mint. It’s given orally or added to gel food for those that are squeamish

    If you get to a point where the lumps won’t subside, let’s consider injecting it with garlic juice; sounds strange, but I think it will work. I think the juice will cause a burn, but better the burn than the abscess

    Medicinal antibiotics are too risky; destroying the immune system does more harm than good in the long run. Beneficial bacteria, living in the water or the body take 12 to 20 hours to reproduce, whereas bad bacteria divide every 12 to 20 minutes. The only reason good bugs are able to take over a territory is because bad bugs are destroyed by the good upon contact. Still, once the good bugs are wiped out, rebuilding the colony is difficult

    Remember when you had a spike in the cycle? It took a great deal of time to complete the cycle. It was a constant battle with that sludge slime you found growing in the tank, and the bacteria bloom too

    I wonder if we might be seeing the results of those issues in the fish now?

    Here’s a very interesting article on the topic of abscesses. After you read, let’s discuss

    Here’s one of my articles on antibiotics

  2. Fannie has another large abscess, but this one came to a head and burst w within 24 hours. Gave her a 1 T/gal salt bath x 4 mins and squeezed it gently. Now it’s a little flatter. Can I give the salt bath at this strength for a few days in a row?

  3. Venus May 17, 2017 at 4:39 am

    That’s surprising, but great to hear. Imagine a big thumb’s up right here

  4. They are still getting gel food with prebiotics daily to rebuild their immune systems.

  5. Happy to report that both Fannie and Io have been back in the main tank for weeks now with no further sign of infection! Both doing well and will soon be 7 years old. I don’t like antibiotics, but am so glad they worked in this instance. For my own memory I want to record that they both got 1 dose of Metroplex and 3 doses of Kanaplex over a 5 day treatment period, 6 days for Io, who was shower to respond. Having them each in the treatment tub, one after the other, meant two weeks of 3 hour WCs for me, but the results are worth it!

  6. Venus April 12, 2017 at 11:23 am

    The testers we buy at the pet shops are cheaply made, even the better brands. KH reads 20 to 40 ppm lower than the actual measurement, so I would say your levels were at 140 to 160 ppm. Even though this is considered a little high, it’s not high enough to endanger the fish. KH burns fish, leaving the same white marks that ammonia does

    You may notice the dorsal fin pulled tight to the body

    Just like ammonia, KH burns cause the gills to swell, keeping fish from getting the oxygen they need. The gills typically redden when this happens. As for other symptoms, I don’t know of any

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