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      We now have our new forum roles titles in place after a long hard battle of wits. We wanted roles that worked with the content on our site, instead of the standard roles as newbie, moderator and such

      Novice Goldfish Keeper is a new member, and is assumed not to be following the 10 steps and may be new to our site and theories. Of course we will check the profile of each new member to see if by chance, they’re doing it our way. It happens now and then

      The title role of Goldfish Keeper is for a member new or old that is following the 10 steps. A Goldfish Keeper is eligible to bid on rescue fish that goldfish emergency is putting up for auction. We’re picky, and want to make sure all of the fish we rescue go to the best homes

      New forum role titles

      Expert Goldfish Keeper follows the 10 steps and holds moderator status (may vary)

      Master goldfish keeper follows the 10 steps and holds administrator status. At this time we have two administrators

      Goldfish Master follows and created the 10 steps and holds super administrator status (one goldfish master)

      If you believe you qualify for a different role than what has been assigned, please let us know, and we’ll discuss

      New forum role titles

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