Goldfish Wasting Away


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  • Goldfish wasting away may be infected with worms

Symptoms: Goldfish is concave looking, but has healthy appetite and is well fed

Goldfish wasting away may be infected with internal parasites, which are typically introduced into an aquarium or pond by live foods. Although feeding worms and small fish or shrimp is a healthy food source, there’s a risk involved. Internal parasites could contain bad bacteria or parasites. A parasite is a life form that must have a host to survive, and in this case, the host is your goldfish or Koi

Goldfish losing weight

Worms and bad bacteria alike are easy to eliminate using natural remedies, and easily discouraged by feeding foods that contain natural antibiotics such as gel food or peas marinated in garlic water

Goldfish worms

Another reason goldfish lose weight, calcium and magnesium (GH) levels may be low. Loss of scales combined with shredded fins and diminishing appetites are all symptoms. Test GH; made up of calcium and magnesium. The comfort zone is 200 to 400 ppm. Use Epsom salt (pure magnesium) to raise levels

Goldfish eating losing weight

In most locations, magnesium levels are low in tap water due to lack of mineral in the ground. Calcium is more plentiful around the world, although, if your levels are extremely low, add calcium also. Two parts magnesium; one part calcium make up GH

Goldfish wasting away

goldfish wasting away

Goldfish concave looking

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