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Goldfish Koi Info is critical to keeping your fish well

Goldfish Koi info should be studied before you obtain them. There’s more to our fish than meets the eye, and there’s more to learn than just the 10 steps. Understanding their behavior, their ancestry and their natural instincts helps us to better care for them. Goldfish have needs that exceed food and healthy water. They also need a stimulating and feel safe environment

When we keep animals contained, in a way, we’re holding them as prisoners. Imagine a dog confined all of its life in a small cage; no yard to run and play in. Our goldfish and Koi are no different. Keeping them in a small environment with no yard to swim in is cruel. Make sure you fish lives in a fish house suited to its type and size, and then go a step farther by making the environment stimulating; not just with beautiful decorations, but natural gravel to rummage through; with plants to nibble

Learn goldfish

Goldfish need moving water, not just for oxygen, but so they can feel like the goldfish they are, but at the same time, they also need a quiet spot to rest and hide in times of stress

Get to know your fish and provide a real fish house for them. Our fish are a part of our family, not living decorations. Give them the same respect as you would your cat or dog. Goldfish have feelings too

goldfish koi info

Goldfish Koi info

Enlighten yourself about goldfish by reading everything you can. We all have much to learn, and should share what we learn with others to strengthen our knowledge base

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