Goldfish has gotten swollen, losing ability to swim upright.

My Goldfish, Sponge Bob is about 5 years old, its went from a fry rescue to a somewhat regular-sized goldfish that jumped out of the tank twice in its lifetime, once in its infancy that I was able to toss back in right away, the second time it jumped out it was during the winter of 2017 where I found it on the floor for an unknown amount of time on the floor when I found it. I was able to toss it back in and put its mouth onto the water pump to get it breathing again after a few hours it was swimming around wobbly but it was alive. Now it’s gotten swollen and listing forward and losing its ability to stay upright. It stays inside the terracotta plant pots to stay upside. when it swims around it has a hard time staying up and tends to go belly up, it rights itself most of the time when it eats. Is there any hope it to be healed or to make its life as comfortable as possible.
it has 2 other Goldfish.
120g tank outside.
Water parameters with the API Freshwater Master test kit with readings of 0,0,20.
Water temps in the 60’s.
Weekly water changes.
Feeding 2 twice a day. Blanched Broccoli every other week.
Located in Los Angeles, CA.
Video of Goldfish in distress

Please let me know if can do anything else to help my goldfish.



  1. I havent salted the tank in about 9 since having them in the tank, I had 7 now down to 3. Sponge Bob is about 8 years old now. when I first rescued it from poor living conditions it was a small common Now it got bulgy. Hopefully with the remedies he will get better. I got a 5g tank to hold him for observation and check if he is bulgy or retaining water. Ill give it some deshelled peas to get him pass his constapation.

  2. Hi Theo, I’ve watched the video, and I believe the fish is constipated. You see, the swim bladder organ is like a balloon. It fills when the fish wants to rise, and then empties when the fish wants to sink. The bladder is connected to the intestines, and uses the Co2 (gas created by waste) to function. If the intestines slow, gas becomes trapped in the bladder, and the fish begins rolling, and may experience floating issues. If the tract becomes completely impacted, the fish won’t be able to leave the surface

    You can fix the issue by using this remedy

    You can keep it from happening again by feeding less food more often. Instead of two meals, feed four. Feed same amount as you feed in a day. Also, if you feed pellets, soak them in tank water to break them down. If fish eat a dry pellet, it expands in the tract blocking it

    The fish looks like a ryukin. They’re adorable, however, because they have such short bodies, their intestines are bunched together, and they have a tendency to get constipated

    The fish really doesn’t look swollen to me, but you know the fish, and maybe you’ve noticed the difference. Scoop the fish up in a plastic container, and press its side with a finger. Is it mushy or firm to the touch. If mushy, it could be retaining water

    Do you use salt regularly or periodically? Avoid salting fish that are prone to kidney issues

    Avoid using medicines or chemicals unless you have to. Sadly, the products found at the pet shop often lead to the death of our fish

    If you believe your fish is swollen, this remedy is beneficial, but I warn you, organ issues are serious, and it takes more than a remedy to bring it back to good health

    Goldfish can live up to 36 hours (or so they say) without oxygen, because unlike humans, they don’t have lungs. The oxygen they take in goes directly to the blood stream, and this amount of time is obviously how long their blood remains oxygenated

    I don’t know if you’ve read through our 10 steps, but if you’re following all of them, you’re doing well by your fish

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