Goldfish Parasites

//Goldfish Parasites

Goldfish Parasites

Goldfish parasites, ammonia or nitrate poisoning?

Goldfish parasites cause fish to itch and scratch on the substrate or decorations
Hello Venus! this is my first time posting but i need your help

My goldfish, Fineas, is 5 yrs old, a Fair fish, and has been healthy all this time until a month ago when i think he got ammonia burns (black smudges), a white coating, red veins on tail, white eyes, fin rot…you name it. I talked with two vets who’s own goldfish did not make it with the same symptoms, so they could not tell me much! I changed water frequently, added a small amount of salt to the tank as well as salt baths, bought testing tools, zeolite for the filters (i have a duo).

Goldfish parasites

During this time, he hung at the top of the tank but continued to eat and got black spots which are healing burns. I took the top off of the tank to allow more air. See 2 pics, fin3 & fineas, taken then. Since then, he’s recovering from that whole freak-me-out scene! which i feel good and thankful for. But, now I’m beginning to see a few small white spots on his coat at the top of his spine and on his tail. Since┬ánewFin, hard to get as he’s more energetic! I have other pics too. are these parasites? could they be scarring from the burns? issues with water?

Goldfish poisoned

I have a 30 gal tank, he’s the lone fish, a double filter, air stone, i only use live plants (anachris) that he loves (i took all the live plants out and threw them away for now). I continue to test for ammonia (use kit which tests at 0 – .1) and nitrate/ph/etc using strips. My ph and chlorine on the strip test in a caution zone. I’ve ordered your garlic/salt remedy but just want to do what’s best for Fineas rather than guessing-making things worse as he’s been through so much and survived me thus far! thank you

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