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Goldfish articles were written for you in hopes of changing the goldfish and Koi industry. As it is, we depend on pet shop medications to keep our fish healthy, however, these chemicals worsen the situation. Sick fish are living in sick water. Healthy fish live in healthy water, although, healthy water isn’t obtained by using harsh chemicals

The articles listed below contain all of the information you need to keep your goldfish healthy and happy. Start by reading the 10 Steps. In these pages you’ll learn the fundamental basics of goldfish care, however, don’t stop there. If you truly respect your fish, you’ll want to know more about them

Art of goldfish articles

The goldfish industry is out to make money. Healthy fish are not profitable. Sick fish are where the money is. It’s to their best interest if your fish are sick and dying. Pet shops are selling you aquarium set ups designed for tropical fish. They’re selling you fancy, expensive filtering systems that don’t do much of anything, except complicate things. Dangerous chemicals line their shelves with false promises of getting your fish well

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Much like the medical industry for people, the goldfish industry doesn’t want your fish to be healthy. Don’t fall for it. Our goldfish will thrive in a natural environment; it only makes sense. The fish in our lakes and rivers aren’t sick. This is because Mother Nature knows her stuff. Nitrates are consumed by plant life. Plants are consumed by fish, creating a perfect balance.  You won’t see fish in a natural body of water bobbing on the surface because it’s constipated. We must feed our fish like they would eat in the wild, small and consistent amounts throughout the day

Goldfish evolved without stomachs because food is hard to find. It’s rare for them to find an entire meal at one time. They scavenge at the bottom in search of a fish egg, a worm or a fish small enough to eat. Because food is scarce, they mostly feed on vegetation. Having a high metabolism, they must eat frequently in order to keep their energy levels up, and most importantly, they must eat frequently so that their swim bladder functions efficiently

The swim bladder organ is connected to the intestinal tract where Co2 (a gas created from the waste) is exchanged and utilized by the bladder. Much like a balloon, the bladder fills when the fish wants to rise, and then empties when the fish desires to sink. Digesting their food in approximately three hours, they must eat regularly so that a consistent supply of carbon dioxide is created in the tract

Our natural waterways are heavily oxygenated because the surface is broad and exposed to fresh air, unlike the enclosed aquariums we keep our fish in. Read the articles, and follow my lead to learn how to create a healthy ecosystem

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Goldfish articles

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