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Treating goldfish Koi Tumor

Treating goldfish Koi Tumor requires extreme therapy Treating goldfish Koi Tumor requires extreme therapy in most cases. It may be difficult to tell what type of tumor you’re dealing with. A simple wart is firm to the touch and has a rough texture. They’re simple to eliminate with the Sea Salt and Garlic remedy. Tumors… Continue reading Treating goldfish Koi Tumor

Stop Killing goldfish

Stop killing goldfish and stop following pet shop advice Stop killing goldfish. Instead of keeping them in a sterile or chemically induced environment, create a natural ecosystem for your fish. Pet shop clerks sell products. Few are experts on animals, especially goldfish, although they act like it in order to make the sell. If they’re confident, you’ll… Continue reading Stop Killing goldfish

Dying Goldfish

Dead or dying goldfish Buy the book Dying goldfish or a dying Koi is devastating. The fish may be in water low in oxygen and mineral value or it may be in water that is high in ammonia, nitrite or nitrates. Some goldfish die because their fish house is infected with bad bacteria and so… Continue reading Dying Goldfish

Goldfish yawning

Goldfish yawning and hanging out at surface Buy the book Goldfish yawning or gasping at surface in an effort to breathe, due to the fact there is little or no oxygen in the tank or pond water. Goldfish take in water through their mouths, and push it out their gills. Oxygen is absorbed from the water as… Continue reading Goldfish yawning

Goldfish bent

Goldfish bent to one side indicates nitrate poisoning Buy the book Goldfish bent or in a curled position are suffering from nitrate poisoning. Nitrates destroy the blood cells causing extreme pressure and pain. In most cases, the goldfish keeper performs a large water change which worsens the condition. Goldfish in water with high nitrates need deep water, and removing… Continue reading Goldfish bent

Goldfish parasite infection

Buy the Books Goldfish parasite infection on body and fins Goldfish parasite infection is easy to eliminate using natural remedies. Improving water quality discourages these bad bugs; thriving in warm water low in oxygen. Use natural remedies instead of over the counter chemicals. Chemically based products destroy beneficial bacteria, and loss of friendly bugs could put your… Continue reading Goldfish parasite infection

Goldfish Needs Help

  Goldfish needs help if exhibiting symptoms Buy the book Goldfish needs help asap. Bad bacteria are everywhere just waiting for an opportunity. Bad bugs thrive in water low in oxygen and warm, whereas goldfish and beneficial bacteria prefer the opposite environment. Cold and heavily oxygenated water however, helps to create a healthy ecosystem. Goldfish needs help… Continue reading Goldfish Needs Help